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  swanheart  |  35

Presumably she either tailgated into the building or sweet talked her way in. Either way ops husband should have known better but it sucks that he lost his job over one mistake especially so near Christmas. Kinda interested to hear how big a scene the hooker made though...

  MrsPegg  |  45

He was probably fired because he, even though unknowingly (as of yet), contributed to illegal activity. Not to mention, was it the correct house? Why didn't he verify her identity before using his master key to allow her entry? He screwed up big time. Think about it: allowing a hooker (illegal) into a home, not verifying she's a tenant and compromising someones home/belongings, risk of accident which could lead to a law suit, etc.. While a huge screw up, I see 1-2 weeks without pay and leave acceptable, but not termination. Then again, like one of you already said; this may have not been his first whoopsies.

By  Sangue0608  |  26

Did he not check to see if they belonged there? He worked and lived there, you'd think he knew people. Without a follow-up I say FYL OP, but he kinda deserved it.

  doodlecloud  |  26

Agreed. It sucks losing a job, especially near Christmas, but if you lived there would you really feel safe knowing anyone could potentially get into your apartment? Guess he had to go. Hopefully he'll learn and be more careful at future jobs though.