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Today, in an attempt to potty train my 2-year-old, I sat her on the toilet and waited for several minutes. I finally gave up and lifted her off the toilet just in time for her to pee on my new shoes. FML
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Im just curious, why do people wear shoes inside?

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Some people just need a little lift to accomplish a task


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How is that cute? It's gross if anything.

#24, It's not gross, it's the new, hipster piss shining, because spit shining is too mainstream.

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Main"stream". I see what you did there.

Not cute. I work in the "potty training room" at a daycare and not only is it gross, it's spiteful which is not a quality you want a child of that age (or any) to have.

#70 I don't think the little girl was being spiteful. She's two and doesn't have good control of her bladder yet. It was most likely accident.

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Some people just need a little lift to accomplish a task

Get a training toilet shaped like a shoe I guess.

This is a clever comment, why is it so downvoted?

I liked this comment too! What gives, people?

What happened was people saw one downvote and said "Gee, this must be a horrible comment" then proceed to downvote more.

Gee, I've never heard of that one before...

Hahah it was worth a shot right? It wouldn't be an FML post without some douchebag stating the obvious and using a well worn pun, like a well used sock (if you know what I mean).

I guess you could say OP got a little peeved.

that's actually so cute! and atleast she got the idea!

Actually, kids can't "get the idea" in that sense until the nerve pathways have developed in their brain that let them know when their bladder or bowels are full. Until that happens (age varies per kid, but usually between 2 and 3), they literally can't learn to control it. In general, people who "toilet train" before that stage are simply learning to recognize when their kid might need to go to the bathroom and trying to catch it in a toilet instead of in a diaper, with no active control happening from the kid. So this 2-year-old might be able to learn already, but might not be physically capable of it yet.

Baby led potty training is the way to go. No pressure. I have a dry 2 year old who did it all his own way: Obviously with many accidents, but what is life without a urine soaked carpet, sanitary, that's what.

I respectfully disagree #26. I potty trained a barely 2 year old within days of starting to babysit her. I heard her grunting and assumed she was trying to do her bussiness, I sat her on the potty and she made a poopy. I congratulated her thoroughly, it took a couple more times of me predicting when she was going to go and she got the idea. People don't give kids enough credit.

50, not all two-year olds are like that. I've got friends going through potty training struggles with their 2 and 3-year-olds now...clearly their kids are not ready.

#50, sounds like that kid was ready. Please note, though, that my post about kids needing to develop the nerve endings to be able to tell when they need to go -- and that for most kids that's some time between turning 2 and turning 3, which also fits the child you mentioned -- is a matter of researched fact, not my personal opinion.

Sort of. Reinstating my comment fron above, I work in the potty-training room at a day care and I have plenty who don't have the actual control yet (they can feel an empty or full bladder, not that they will always understand what to do with thag sensation) but get the concept of pee in the in the potty. Or even just going to the bathroom before having an accident/void in their diaper/pull up. Those who are just starting we'll reward for understandingbthe connection between pee and potty (poop usually follows by itself but still tends to be the more difficult one).

Came here to make sure someone said what 26 said. Any childcare practitioner knows this. They might enjoy sitting on and sometimes using a toilet beforehand, and maybe sometimes you'll get lucky, but they'll never be fully proficient until they can actually anticipate when they need to go, physically. It's nothing to do with credit, it's just biology. Obviously some kids will be quicker and slower but that's the gist of it.

How did all these kids get potty trained so early??? Jeez. I was day trained at 5yrs with 2-3 accidents a week till 8yrs and night accidents into my teens. Jeez.

Im just curious, why do people wear shoes inside?

To avoid getting peed on your socks/slippers

#7: Came here to ask exactly this. What are we, barbarians? Shoes are for outdoors!

Clearly she was wearing them for the purpose of protecting her feet from her daughter's urine. As you can see, her efforts paid off.

Maybe she was leaving in a bit and already had her shoes on

#37: Pop woulda kicked our asses growing up if we'd been walking around the house in shoes for any reason.

Depends on how you were raised. Some families get bent out of shape if you wear your shoes on the carpet; other families just don't give a hoot. My family didn't care, and neither did my wife's, so we don't really care too much (so long as you don't have mud on your shoes).

Because the floor is too cold for socks to help with.

Probably because since they were new, they wanted to break them in a little bit. That's my only guess.

I prefer to wear slippers, and tend to now anyways, but a lot of my family wear shoes. Our house is pretty old and though we've fixed up most of the rooms, the halls still have odd floorboards and the occasional nail sticking out a bit. So shoes or decent soled slippers are a must. So that's one possible reason?

In my family, it was mainly a respect thing. "This house is where all of us live, so don't **** it up for the rest of us, k?" kinda thing. Regarding keeping your feet warm: damn, that's gotta suck. But don't y'all have furnaces?

Yeah my friends have cold floors even with the furnace. I notice it a ton because my houses floors have a hydronic hot water heating system. No matter the temperature the floors are always warm. Shoes would be a waste. Plus shoes indoors make the place filthy.

I know that feel. Happened to me last week!

Better than in your mouth. Believe me that sucks.

Especially when it's your own.... There was no FML back then to turn to for that horrific experience.

My parents told me that when I was very little, probably less than a year old, they set me on a table to change my diaper, and when they removed it I peed right in my own mouth.

The urge of making a pun about piss is pissing me off

Get her a potty of her own. You sit on the big one and pretend (or do your business), and have her sit on hers. We're doing that with our 2 year old daughter and it's working.