By chachaxxx - Mexico
Today, it’s my girlfriend’s birthday, so I ordered a cake at the bakery and asked the baker to write “Happy birthday Marie!” in italic, because I think it’s prettier. When I opened the box, I saw “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIE IN ITALY!” FML
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  cupcakebruh  |  21

Then that's their own damn falt, cake decorators are supposed to call back before they write on the cake, to make sure that what they heard is correct even if they think they are 100% correct. Especially if you're not the one who talked to the customer.


Every cake decorator I went to, they always got us to write down our saying and kept it with our order forms so they knew exactly what to put on the cake and didn't screw up. I think that should be standard. I've only had 1 mess up this way because my name is a kind of unique and he didn't read it letter for letter. I've always had to deal with this though, so I understood a little bit.

  Chilupa  |  28

Where I work the cake decorators don't take most of the orders. I am always calling customers to confirm names and sayings. You wouldn't think taking a cake order would be hard

  FalloutScrolls  |  25

Something like this literally happened to me. I told the lady over the phone I wanted it to say "Congratulations, Julia!" - and have flowers all around it"

It literally read "Congratulations Julia and have flowers all around it."

  usnwife  |  18

Well it isn't like they can re-sell the cake like they can jeans... it depends on the store what their policy is, some will let you keep it others won't.