By Anonymous - United Kingdom

Death Grips

Today, I knew my girlfriend's dad owned a security company. What I did not know was that he treats his employees like family, so my girlfriend has about 40 scary uncles who’ve known her since she was a baby, and most of them are ex-military. FML
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By  Susan Yee  |  9

Just don’t get her pregnant, it’s all good.

By  WistayShlaio82  |  13

Ahhh so you’re one of those guys. Well as being ex military myself I suggest you break up with her now because if you’re scared of them, they know, and they’ve already judged you and will keep a watchful eye....through a scope.

By  1known  |  29

And so? She’s neither her father’s nor his employees’ property. If they threaten you, call the police.
And if you respect her, it is because it is the normal way. Not because there are some big guys with no brain out there.

By  Miss_Red  |  17

If you are a good, honest person who loves their neice.. you're also going to end up with 40 big burly people who will have your back.
See it as a blessing in disguse, OP.