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  dre_bro11  |  12

24, I'm not sure about in this family, but in families with children, the wife would generally keep the house as the children would most likely stay with the mother for most of their time.

Plus, remember the saying 'what's yours is mine'. That's how it is in married couples (most of the time) so really, it's both their money and pay checks not just his.

  cimh  |  9

Sorry but OPs post doesn't even sound like that her husband was paying etc for the house! So HOW did you get to this conclusion?

  hayleyjames  |  0

Even if he did put money into the house or what ever does not mean it is more his than hers, and for all you know she has also put a lot of money in the house because she clearly earns money because he can't afford to leave her or the house!


You know what I can't stand the woman bears his children, takes care of them and her husband, does his laundry, makes him dinner etc then he decides he needs a mistress or a girlfriend and decides to divorce/ leave his wife... She should be allowed to keep the house

  MagicGiraffe  |  12

First, my comment was more of something that I was reminded about from the FML.
Second, I was mostly talking about gold diggers and whatnot in which their main purpose is to marry a man for his money, then divorce him and take his stuff.

By  Nikkitaria  |  9

Sucks when something like this happens and if a divorce occurs, all properties are divided 50/50 when actually one person paid for most of the stuff. Hopefully that's not your case and you can dump his ass.

  pvtpilot  |  0

Yeah like the good ole USA, she'll get the kids, the house, the best car(s), and up to 45% of your income for child support til they are 18, especially if you are wealthy, simply to balance the financial burden because of the status of main bread winner's future earning potential. Joy!


That's unfair to say if the woman charged him for all she does like daycare, maid, chef, prostitute etc he would make less than he would owe her and I'm saying prostitute because these women should charge these men for everything they had to do apparently at home mothers don't deserve money to help support their children and since they didn't make any $ then why not toss mom and kids out in the streets so the husband can keep the house only he paid for I think not!!!!