By holler - 15/09/2011 04:22 - Japan

Today, I had my parents over at my new apartment. As I was telling them how quiet and peaceful my new place is, we could hear my neighbors talking nasty to each other before launching into a full-blown sex ordeal. FML
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Knock on the wall, and yell over 'SHUT UP' that'll make them stop.

The expression on your face must have been hilarious.

Go greet the new neighbors in the middle their sexventure. Two things 1) they'll stfu 2) 3some. See not that bad

I can just imagine the akwardness of the moment :p

Hot? Lol XP

Make up sex?

and the expression on THEIR faces! lol

Sh*t who needs porn after that. A live show. Stupendous.

Dammit. I was just about to say that :(

Well they're only human.

Just start talking really loud and if your parents ask say you don't hear anything, last resort is saying its their t.v haha

I feel your pain. I can hear my neighbors having sex too.

But atleast you don't live in Japan like OP.

you look gorgeous

What's so wrong with Japan?

29 u look amazing

that beach looks great which one is it. I'm from sydney too

I want to know what beach it is too! I'm visiting next month :)

just blast some whitechapel during, im pretty sure theyll find that as disgruntling as you having to listen to sex.

I would just go and have sex when I know for a fact that they're home. Make sure it's really loud though ;)

Looks like you have competition haha...words of it longer, harder, and louder ;)

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Darn. Don't ya just hate it when that happens?

If it's an ordeal, you're doing it wrong!

Alternatively, you're doing it very, VERY right. ;)

You know you like it.

now IKnow why you choose this apartment.

You have spelling mistake ! Op!

Yii whu karez noone iz purfekt.

You're a spelling mistake.


OP is not a spelling mistake. OP made a spelling mistake. KTHXBAI

Yup. That'll ruin your day.