By holler - 15/09/2011 04:22 - Japan

Today, I had my parents over at my new apartment. As I was telling them how quiet and peaceful my new place is, we could hear my neighbors talking nasty to each other before launching into a full-blown sex ordeal. FML
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Knock on the wall, and yell over 'SHUT UP' that'll make them stop.

indielove 13

The expression on your face must have been hilarious.

Tookie22 5

Go greet the new neighbors in the middle their sexventure. Two things 1) they'll stfu 2) 3some. See not that bad

I can just imagine the akwardness of the moment :p

cimh 9

and the expression on THEIR faces! lol

Sh*t who needs **** after that. A live show. Stupendous.

fthislyfe 22

Dammit. I was just about to say that :(

Just start talking really loud and if your parents ask say you don't hear anything, last resort is saying its their t.v haha

I feel your pain. I can hear my neighbors having sex too.

But atleast you don't live in Japan like OP.

skyguy89 0

that beach looks great which one is it. I'm from sydney too

Minx108 12

I want to know what beach it is too! I'm visiting next month :)

just blast some whitechapel during, im pretty sure theyll find that as disgruntling as you having to listen to sex.

death_rose567 4

I would just go and have sex when I know for a fact that they're home. Make sure it's really loud though ;)

Killuhk 8

Looks like you have competition haha...words of it longer, harder, and louder ;)

Darn. Don't ya just hate it when that happens?

If it's an ordeal, you're doing it wrong!

Alternatively, you're doing it very, VERY right. ;)