By Anonymous - 30/09/2015 15:08 - United Kingdom - Paisley

Today, my boyfriend of 8 years moved in with two other women. He's spent the past 2 years telling me he can't afford to move out of his parent's house. FML
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I guess that means you have to move in with 3 men now.

Rocket___Candy 24

Man OP that's rough, just try to keep your chin up and have a good talk with this so called "boyfriend" of yours!


Rocket___Candy 24

Man OP that's rough, just try to keep your chin up and have a good talk with this so called "boyfriend" of yours!

I understand where he might be coming from though. Rent, bills and food are now divided by three instead of two - or even one depending on how self-sufficient she is and how much she could have contributed herself. These women could also have other miscellaneous benefits that serve to ease the financial burden of moving out of home that she couldn't provide - not that that's her fault, just how it works out...

I don't know that this is necessarily something to freak out about. maybe he just wants to live on his own terms, where he isn't accountable to parents or partner for a while before moving forward with a defacto relationship. If he moved right in with his gf, she'd be here complaining he's a man baby and she has to look after him. I think this is a healthy step, albeit a slow one.


I agree with the 2 above me however they've been together for 8 years. If you aren't ready to move in with your partner after that length of time (unless they are still rather young) then perhaps you need to reevaluate your relationship.

thank you #69, I am sure her point was the 8 years together, not moving in with OP is a big huge neon red flag after 8 years. If it was me, I would dump him. However if they are young, unlikely but possible, it is a good thing for him to live on his own for a bit, get use to doing his own dishes, laundry, bathroom cleaning, cooking and shopping. . . if he never has to do these things, chances are he wont start doing them when/if he moves in with OP, and he won't appreciate all that OP does if she does pick up his slack. Just make sure his new roommates know he needs to stand on his own two feet and not let them mamma him.

I guess that means you have to move in with 3 men now.

It's actually not that bad. the male roommates I've had were way cleaner than the female ones. Probably because they had less stuff Idk.

Now that's either **** or sitcom and I don't know which is worse.

It's a sitcom. called new girl. it already exists.

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I thought is was "Three's Company".

Yeah you could even make a TV show about it. Wait a minute...

For an 8 year relationship, that must be a tough situation. I'd suggest having a talk with him and tell him how you feel.

8 years is a long time, don't give up just yet.

Eight years of dating and he couldn't even commit to living with her, but he can commit to living with two other women. I'm not so sure 8 years means as much to the guy as it does to OP.

Won't argue against that... But I do hate to think of 8 years going to waist. and I feel like people could honestly solve a lot of relationship issues if they simply stuck through those difficult times. Even when the other person is being stupid...

You both should really talk it out. Good luck with it, OP!

That doesn't even make any sense man!!! Jesus Christ!!!!!

After 8 years! Break up with the ******, you clearly can't share a future with him

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Although I see your reasoning to do so, OP needs to evaluate why her boyfriend is doing this, and not just jump to the breakup thought.

Or maybe they are just people who would be willing to split the rent for less since is less expensive to live with two people than one with OPs boyfriend and they happen to be girls everyone is assuming that because they are kills the boyfriend is a cheating bitch.

Except he could've shared it with OP and another woman. Or at least asked his girlfriend...

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Hopefully he has a good reason for it. Although I'm assuming he doesn't, so you might want to evaluate if you really want him as a boyfriend. Either way good luck!

He does have a good reason. He's auditioning for a wacky sitcom with the same situation. He's just trying to get in character. His character is named David Dave Davidson so you know it's already going to be super wacky.

His name is Herp Derp, and he's moving in with Suzanne Somers and Joyce DeWitt

Maybe he couldn't afford it until he got two roommates to share the rent with. And in this case, they happen to be women.

He could have at least asked his girlfriend to be one of those room mates if he is innocent of cheating.

But why not move in with OP and find one other roommate?

Because the rent is too damn high. Also we don't know the rental situation, might be one room.

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Hey it could be as platonic as Three's Company. Who knows? But yeah he definitely should have discussed if with her. We need a follow up OP.

Unless those said women are relatives that let him stay at a very low rent, I'd say he has a lot of explaining to do