By Anonymous - 21/05/2011 06:22 - United States

Today, it was raining heavily. I saw a large puddle by the edge of the road near with a passing lady. Thinking it would be funny to splash her, I swerved to hit the puddle. The puddle was deeper than I thought. I lost control of the car, spun out, and hit two parked cars. FML
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goliatron 9

You definitely deserve it, you poopyface.


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ahahahah ydi for not knowing that cars can hydroplane... also i'll bet the lady you were trying to be a douche to was concerned for your well-being when she saw you crash although she probably shoulda just laughed...

Doomire 0

you are lucky that you didn't kill the poor woman. Actually you deserve to be raped in prison!

OP your an asshole. Your lucky you hit two parked cars and not the lady F.Nut!

Flutist 3

He got what he deserved but now those cars are wrecked. Someone is going to be pissed.

you_freak 7

There are no pills for stupid people

bigblue95 0

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unless she had an umbrella, and was perfectly dry, in which case op IS an asshole. and even if she didn't, he still is. >.>

ballwiz24 0

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bigblue95 0

i guess so. it was just a thought. but i think it wld have been 10x more douchy if it had been a remnant puddle from the day before.

juicedboi 7

Crashing is a bit much for punishment, but ur a douchecake nonetheless

ballwiz24 0

Wait so other people are cursing ppl out and I get moded for sayin I don't think it's real? People say that all the time. But okay, whatever.

lilf13rsc 4

that's some instant karma for you right there

That's what you get for being an asshole, asshole.

134 read the comments policy. "please don't post any comments that question thale validity of the FML"

Miq94 0

wow you have amazing eyes :)

96. sure there is its called cyanide

ikr! can you imagine how awesome it must've been for OP to explain to the police, insurance company, lady, and car owners WHY he lost control of the car? ;)

wat a ******* asshole!! who in ther rite mind would ever think of doing something so stupid!! not only will it effect the person standing ther, but its extremly dangerous cuz u could hydroplane putting other ppl at risk!! ur a real dipshit op!!

YES wow I'm so happy this story just made my day that's what you deserve you douche

thats exactly what i was going to say!

Droopy13 0

YDI for sure... but if you had not had the accident... it would have been funny as hell. Fucking retarded shit-ass.

114, there's a big difference between being wet from getting rained on and getting soaked by water from a puddle in the road. The puddle is more than likely filthy. So yes, OP is still a major arsehole.

Farankusu 0

マッチ ぺおpぇ? (( _ _ ))..zzzZZ

You do have a point. OP is still an ass though.

yes there is. theyre called cyanide pills.

OP did u still splash the lady you were trying to splash?

sxe_beast 11

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376. sarcasm? if not you are a ass hole... I mean really... hope someone splashes you and ruins all the electronics in your pocket.

sxe_beast 11

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Jaykayfu 0

Yeah, like OP would post this just to get haters. You guys are ******* idiots for taking this seriously. No shit someone made up this fml, it's supposed to be FUNNY. It's funny because he deserves it. So stop repeating the same damn comment by calling him an "asshole without smileys."

wow if I could meet u, I'd beat the shit out of u, and stomp on ur balls so u can't have kids. I would save the world from more assholes like u.

jossiegregg 5

you're a jackass!! you completely deserve it!!

This makes PERFECT sense! Thanks for explaining.

pinkpolarbear 8

159, Insta-Karma, Cooks in 5 seconds or less!

I agree go **** yourself OP you're an asshole!

ambernicole99 0

What the ****? When would it be okay to splash someone for the hell of it like that? Even if She was wet ( which she probably wasn't because she probably had an umbrella like a normal person would) that would make you the biggest douche ever! YDI

WoAhAnNa123 0

yeah, what you were trying to 'accomplish' in the first place was a stupid thing to do, ydi

yep karmas certainly a bitch ^_^ op kindly go f yourself

a_nutritionist 10

wait so karma works by giving back the negative actions you give out by not only affecting one individual as the original action was intended, but to affect two other people who have no involvement in the action what so ever? then indeed karma is a bitch, its just not a bitch to the right people.

huh? OP will have to pay for damages!

a_nutritionist 10

@132 oh right, im sorry, being paid to fix a smashed car is not at all an inconvenience or something that could cause potential issues a plenty. now excuse me while i destroy your favourite thing, but dont worry, ill pay you to have it fixed, so you have no reason to feel like you just got ****** over.

guestxxx 0

Maybe it was karma getting 3 birds with one stone?

Thank yoou. I thought it was just me who was annoyed by that!

Yes, that is indeed the right definition of karma, but since people use it as a term for "what goes around comes around" and you obviously understood the purpose of the comment, I don't see why you have to point it out. Sometimes words are used for different purposes with different meanings, not only the original meaning :)

a_nutritionist 10

being able to decipher the meaning of something from poor use of words doesnt negate the need for correction. otherwise i suppose you could just let anything go so long as you understand the meaning behind the acronyms - admit it, you wanna correct it to words because its flat out stupid, but you cant because you know what i meant. sucks to be carrot.

4thizzle20 0

deffinatly 3 birds with one stone..

what if you hit the old lady!???? :( what were you thinking??? you weren't thinking at all were you?!!

there was no old lady... just a "lady"... little over dramatic huh?

wolfshadow 4

He obvious was thinking because he said, "thinking it would be funny to splash her."

Krajjan 9

Because old ladies are way more important than regular ladies. And dudes are ten points.

hayyad 7

She didn't have to be an old lady; old lady or not, she would have been injured.

goliatron 9

You definitely deserve it, you poopyface.

AND that's what you get for being an ass. ;)

one of the best times to say YDI. Douchebag.

Xquisite1 28

That's what you get for being an asshole and enjoy the higher insurance rates as well. Serves you right! JERK

denvan 0

1000 points for the lady -1 for your bad judgement of the puddle

eckksDeeitsTravi 0

So not only is he out the 1000 for missing the lady, but hes -1 now for bad choices? poor guy looks like hes not winning.

itsmeyippie 0

Plus the -100000 for crashing his car... Only 2 lives left to get ahead

And this is what happens when a cocky, immature teenager attempts to be 'cool'. All I can say is you ******* deserved it, I'm laughing at right now at how stupid you are, and I hope the lady got the last laugh after seeing you pile into the other cars.

why does it ALWAYS have to be a teenager? so discriminatory...

Because it usually ALWAYS is teenagers who would try a ******* stupid idea like that. Unless you live in a place where adults enjoy swerving on wet road into puddles where a pedestrian is nearby, risking that persons life simply for the amusement of splashing them. That would take a ******* stupid adult, good luck to you if that's the case.

atomicbaboon 0

I know many adults that do stuff like that, and I know plenty of teenagers who wouldn't even think about doing that. what you just made was a discriminatory assumption, asshole.

cryssycakesx3 22