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Today, my husband and I were diagnosed with herpes. We've been together for five years and were both virgins before. Even the doctor couldn't give any other explanation. FML
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yea. I think someone here is lying ...

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Maybe ur mom shud write it down

I doubt they would of cheated because I doubt it would take 5 years for them to have sex

I doubt they would of cheated because I doubt it would take 5 years for them to have sex and get herpes

Yeah, I don't think we need Sherlock Holmes to solve this mystery: he got sick of ******* you and wanted some strange. Thats why you don't marry virgins.

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You sir, have made an ass of yourself.

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1: that's what I was thinking...

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did you let some hobo use your bathroom?

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urdirtyolduncle, I'd much rather read boner's comments because I can get a chuckle out of them and your'e just some idiot who bitches about everything you don't like because you have no sense of humor.. get the **** over yourself idiot.

I hope you all know that having a cold sore and going down on each other could be a possible explanation for the cause. No one doesn't need to lie about their situation.

Yah he's lieing YDI for believing he's a virgin DUMP HIS ASS NOW take meds and USE CONDOMS NEXT TIME DERRRRRR

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You can't get herpes from a toilet.

220, one does not simply "dump" their husband. I like how everybody is screaming how he's a liar and a scoundrel though. I guess there's just more evidence in this FML than I can see.

Really are u that stupid he probably cheated on her when they were married not f**kin dating

technically 224, yes you can, it's extremely rare, but person with open active herpes outbreak can transfer the virus to the toilet seat and if the next person to use it before cleaning has any abrasion/open wound they can pick up the virus. Like I said, extremely rare, but it can happen.

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Theres a chance that one of them got herpes from their parent and that the virus got "activated" only when they were older..

200 is correct. That's the most likely reason besides cheating.

at least your in it together right?

haha that's just her excuse to stay together, clever girl. I actually know a gay couple like that. but I hate their guts

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it might take 5 years for one of them to cheat

Well obviously one of you cheated during those five years (or both). I bet it was the husband though... Men cheat MUCH more than women, and the OP is clearly confused. I bet it was the man.

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#312 has it right. I know a guy who got herpes from his mother when he was born.

you dont diagnose herpes, you find herpes

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I like how all the dumb females on here automatically assume that it was the guy who lied. get over yourselves girls lie just as much if not more than men

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365, no men don't cheat more than woman you ignorant idiot. Look at the stats, they're about the same, DUMBASS

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ibet it was that night in vegas he nevertold u about...! ^_^

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Actually, 365 and 444, women cheat a shit ton more than men. They just don't get caught.

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yeah herpes is very contagious. umm do either of you guys get cold sores, cold sores are caused by the herpes virus to what's called hsv 1.hsv 1 and 2 are the same virus and can pretty much spread mouth to genital or genital to mouth, herpes can also spread to other parts of the body as well so....

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It doesn't matter who cheats more. Anyways an FML on herpes and all of a sudden everyone is an expert. vvv

365 studies have shown that women cheat more then men...Just saying.

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444 you do know he said "as much if not more" he's not saying it's positive women lie more.. just as much as guys n mayb more. maybe. read before trolling YDI

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genitals ........... that is all

it's funny how you all think someone cheated. Know how diseases are transferred before acting like your right cuz like my post stated you can get herpes if one of them had a cold sore and went down on each other and transferred that way. ignorant people always assume cheating first. guess a lot of people got cheated on. sucks for you but not every guy cheats.

200, oral herpes is a different virus than genital. Because the OP said the doctor diagnosed them, I'm guessing it wasn't oral.


#365 Are you retarded? It takes a woman to cheat with a man...

having a cold sore doesn't necessarily mean herpes! and yeah, how dumb do you have to be to buy that excuse, op?

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522: the woman the man cheated with isn't necessarily in a relationship herself.

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honestly… herpes isn't that big of a deal sure you have it your whole life but it comes and goes. do you even know which type you have? there is the sexually transmitted simplex 1 and then there is simplex 2 which you can get from sharing a water bottle and kissing. my bro has simplex 2 and he hasn't had an outbreak in awhile… so if it's #2 I wouldn't sweat it but if you have #1 then… you might want to rethink your marriage…

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f*ck your life for being a virgin..

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mintcar 9
mintcar 9

524, A cold sore is caused by the herpes virus.

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Well,how would they have gotten a cold sore? Hmmmmm.... Unless SOMEONE'S been sharing chapstick!

At least if you guy didn't verbally share everything... you still get to share everything:]

sounds like you're speaking from experience.....eeeewww.

that's true...cold sores are a cause of herpes! just cause they were virgins doesn't mean they didn't do other acts!

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even if only for the fact that women can't keep their pie holes shut for one second.

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so it has to be the husband that cheats? you are an ignorant b

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yea how often do you find ACTUAL male MARRIED virgins.... you don't. sex is the #1 thing on most mens minds nowadays. so....

513 do some research before replying. because obviously you make no sense and don't know too much about it so read then respond back. actually talk to a doctor before you act like you know something.

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story of my life unfortunately. it's just oral herpes thank god but I have to be so careful. I haven't had a breakout in a year though, thank god.

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How are you all arguing about whether its women or men that cheat more, when regardless of what the truth is, it doesn't make a difference in this FML. If the woman posted the story, and she is stumped about how this came to be, then it obviously wasn't her that cheated, if anyone even cheated at all. Also, Im not 100% sure but I believe it is possible to transfer oral herpes to the genitals. Perhaps someone will Google it.

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u all can be wrong the herpes has to start somewhere and maybe it was them that started it they didnt have to get it from someone else

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no but my brother does I'm just saying that at least she didn't get HIV or something

actually 200 is not correct. the type of herpes simplex that gives you cold sores and the type that gives gential warts are 2 different kinds. however the person that said that it is possible to transfer it from their mother is right

but if she cheated, why would she post this?

actually you can, oh wait maybe I'm thinking of hepatitis.... I don't remember :P

703 Actually genital warts are caused by the human papillomavirus not the herpes virus. Genital herpes and genital warts are two entirely different STDs. And yes, you can transmit the herpes virus from oral/genital contact.

OBViOUSLY one of you knows more than you're letting on.

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You people are dumb, you can get herpies from saliva. you could drink from a water fountain and get it. You do know that cold sores are herpies right?

Actually your wrong women are known to cheat more but they aren't caught as much as men because no one suspects them of it unlike with men where everyone already assumes it

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everyone keeps saying that the husband lied, she could have been the on lying too you know...just saying.

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513 and 524 no its legit. I have a friend who got it from her mom and couldn't go down on an ex because it could transfer. many people don't realize how real it is but it wouldn't work if it weren't true because if neither of them ever had mouth outbreaks then its obvious they don't have it.

that sucks. liar, liar, pants on fi-! i'd wrestle that hoe to the pits of hell if I was you...

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cold sore always means herpes. herpes simplex virus 1 = hsv1 = oral herpes = cold sore.

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Cold sores do not always mean herpes. They are sometimes side effects, but children get cold sores, and it does not mean that a 9 year old has herpes.

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No, it doesn't mean they have the sexually transmitted herpes. However, cold sores are a type of herpes. You can touch one from your mouth and rub your eye and possibly get it on your eye. Herpes Zoster (sp?) is an all over type of herpes. Just because it is herpes does not mean it is sexually transmitted. Yes, you can get it from a parent through birth. The child could also have other problems if the mother is flaring up at the time. Also, any cold sore whether on genital or mouth can be transferred from one to the other. Again, just because it is herpes does not mean it is an std, there are different types. Read a book. Ask a doctor. I'm a nurse and am 100% certain of what I've said. Argue if you please. :)

But as the woman is posting and she is confused....

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He said lie not cheat, just saying

Well not necessarily, the man may be cheating, but the female might just be single (or other way around) making It that one of the two are cheating, but both are involved. :P

At 472- Not to be rude but... No, he didn't. The comment 444 is commenting about said MUCH more than women. That's a fact. this part is meant to be rude... Fail... Just Fail.

She didn't put her mouth on the toilet smart one

nah, herpes being immaculately conceived is more likely

It could of been transferred by the mouth during oral when one of you had a cold sore then passed along to the other one during sex

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Cold sore herpes and genital herpes aren't the same strain of herpes. Cold sores don't give you genital herpes.

I think it can also be inherited at birth.

Cold sores are either herpes simplex a or b; both a and b are what is known as genital herpes. If you have a cold sore, you have herpes; however, cold sores are not to be confused with canker sores. This being said, a plausible explanation for this without cheating being involved is that one of them kissed someone with herpes in their mouth, and then transferred it orally to their spouse.

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not the same strain no but you can still get genital sores that way too. just because type I prefers the mouth and type II prefers the genital area does not mean you cannot transmit either to the other location. look it up. seriously.

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Umm #204, you do realize kissing is considered cheating too, right? You can be born with herpes, it's just not always active in you or active at all times.

She didn't say she had genital herpes.

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umm 204, you do realize you don't loose ur virginity from kissing? they probably got it from some1 before they dated and just transferred it by giving oral during an outbreak.

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What I'm seeing is that oral herpes can be transferred to the genitals but they are still different. And the doctor should be able to tell if you have oral herpes on your genitals.

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344, no one said anything about losing their virginity by kissing.

289, I meant kissing before they were together.

STIs can sit in your body and be activated at any time, most cases due to stress. I know a couple who were together and never cheated and the girl got warts just after her dad died. He or she may have contracted the disease years ago. It's a shame because there's not much public understanding about STI's and people just assume someone has cheated.

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I meant 289 but it wouldnt let me comment again because of flooding

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TOILET SEAT HERPES!!!!!!! GROSS!!! You're just gunna both have to grow your bush out really big so it'll hide the festering sores all over your dirty parts.

Wrong. Cold sores can give you herpes on your genitals.

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oral herpes is a cold sore you crazy mothertrucker. it's faaaaaar different from genital herpes

Eggers 2

also, 227, way to steal my profile picture. nice one.

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Wow Alicia you're a dumbass I didn't say anything about someone losing their virginity if you want to talk shit at least let it be about something I said. Btw you can get herpes other ways it doesn't have to be from being with another person you can be born with it. You're ignorant. Myownenemy ok lol you didn't say that though.

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absolutely they do, if transferred via mouth during oral sex.

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Nice, haven't heard it before, I should write it down.

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Maybe ur mom shud write it down

why comment when all you have to say is "hahaha?"

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why does ur mom keep saying hahaha

because ur penis is so small now stop actin like an asshole 2 ppl on the internet just becuz ur lazy ass is hidden behind ur computer screen all day

Why comment when all you have to say is "why comment when all you have to say is "hahahaha"?"?

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thanatos ur dads on ur moms itouch

I agree, someone cheated. Expect an FML about a husband lying or something like that.

am I the only one who thinks this is slightly creepy? ^

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haha, I don't know what's worse? him, saying he was a virgin to impress her or the fact she believed he was virgin in the first place........

thats not necessarily the case, you can get it other ways. You can have it your whole life and never have an outbreak and pass it on to your partner or child who do/could get outbreaks. It is commonly spread at the gym, I know two lifters that got it there. It likes to spread where it infected, so lifters will get it on their backs and hands. Or you could pick it up from kissing somone with a cold sore. 90% of people in the US have it by age 60, and like I said, never even know. There is no test to see if you carry it. There is an antibodies test to see if you have come in contact with it. They like to have medical students take the test to show how common a positive is, as there is usually only one or two negatives in the entire class. Its hugely common look it up or talk to your dr sometime.

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poor you! and HDI never cheat!

Either that's very unlucky or your husband's not told you something...

they both cheated, both of them are scared to accuse each other.

ya they're perhaps both just dirty little liars.

Yeah, they could both by lying I suppose. But if that were the case, the OP shouldn't be confused. And you'd think that with this, if you were lying, you'd come clean.

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It was probably the husband who cheated I don't know if there are other means to contract herpes aside from sex.

naturally u blamed the husband automatically.

so many sexist people women cheat just as much as men they hide it better

Actually, I think the latest statistics show they cheat more. o.o Or at least as much as is shown. No need to bring in the well-hidden numbers. XD

To random people who are implying I'm sexist for saying the husband's lying; I said that because I assumed the OP would know where it came from if she was the one cheating. I'd have made the same assumption if the roles had been reversed.

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how do you know it was the husband..? ppl naturally assume it's the guy... plus there's many factors... mayb he was born with it or the op was... you don't know don't assume

Somebody isn't telling the truth. Also, didn't House cover a case like this and used some fun tricks to get the truth. :-p

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Why is it her husband? Maybe she is the one who cheated. Or this could be a fake story.

That he did. lol. I just watched that episode yesterday. House said you could get it from a toilet seat, but Cuddy pretty much bitched him out. So basically... catching herpes from a toilet seat... can't happen.

You can get stds and pregnancy from toilet seats... its a fact!

you can catch stds... I've never heard of anyone getting pregnant from sitting on a roller seat...

TaylorTotsYumm 10

Maybe if somebody nutted all over a toilet seat and then you decided to rub your crotch all over.

Paigeyk 3

Actually you cant get herpes from a toilet seat, viruses can only last out of a host for a few seconds. Its not airborne duh. By the time someone pulled up thier pants from using a restroom and walked out the virus would be dead. House isnt a real show, none of them are actual doctors haha.

You can't get pregnancy, you ******* retard.

Paigeyk 3

Look it up. Even if you rubbed your genitals or anus on the seat itself or had a cut on you thigh or bottom and it touched the seat it is still very unlikely unless you immediatly sat down after someone in an outbreak because the virus dies so quickly. Think about where your genitals are when your pissin...not touching the toilet seat.

Lol at people taking the troll seriously. But yeah, if there's even a slight chance, it's possible.

TaylorTotsYumm 10

I don't think many people rub their genitalia on the toilet seat when they take a shit.

ummmm either I studied 3 years of pure jibrish in university or viruses don't die because they are not "live" to begin with... lol

ummmm either I studied 3 years of pure jibrish in university or viruses don't die because they are not "live" to begin with... lol

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The sperm has to be INSIDE the woman in order for conception to occur. Not in her mouth either. Inside her uterus.

TaylorTotsYumm 10

Fertilization takes place in the Fallopian tubes.

life2007 0

They use real doctors to consult on the show and in the episode House was trying to get one of them to fess up for cheating and the guy jumped all over Houses lie to cover up his cheating.

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sperm dies as soon as it hits oxygen you can't get pregnant unless you are came in geez people are so stupid

abceasyas123abc 12

464, if sperm dies as soon as it "hits oxygen" the how, pray tell, do they harvest sperm for IVF? I'd be a little more cautious before calling other people stupid..

464 Really?? Wow. Then the whole medical community does not know what they're talking about!! Since sperm can live 72 hours after ejaculation. How the hell do you think labs do sperm counts! Before calling people idiots or jerks, you really should check your facts. Google is your friend. Whomever informed you that sperm dies as soon as it hits oxygen is laughing their ass off that you believed that load of crap.

91 - you cant actually get herpes from a toilet seat. the virus dies when its exposed to air. look it up

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ya that's a gud house episode

chezurecat 0

I'm sorry but your just too cute!

marinataps 0

What's that episode called! :P

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obviously you both weren't virgins before. idiot

Sniper_Fidelis 1

You are so smart man BRAVO.

RyDawg918 0

yep... obviously one of them wasn't a virgin to start with and it just took the herpes 5 years to surface... that makes sense :P

ryukk_fml 3

They could've been virgins then and he cheated afterwards. Don't call people idiots if you carry no logic.

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