By wellhellothere - 17/04/2011 07:25 - United States

Today, the fire alarm went off in my dorm. Not only was it 30 degrees outside, but I was in the shower. FML
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YDI for not taking a shower fully dressed.

Farenheit is stupid... Celsius makes so much more sense


KiddNYC1O 20

You're missing the point. Along with the fire alarm came an evacuation, I assume. Not knowing if it was real or false, op probably had to rush out of there naked or with just a towel.

KiddNYC1O 20

... just a towel in the cold weather.*

AsianCookie247 14

OP - Anyone bit ur ass while u were outside wearing only a towel?

but did OP have time to grab a towel..........

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**** that I wouldn't go till I'm well dressed and have my hair spiked. I some times dont move at all.

Hayman68 4

30 degrees is below freezing

celsius or farenheits (I don't know how to spell that) that is the question

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In addition to KiddNYC1O, the OP is going to get the shrinkage! A.K.A a little willy. A.K.A tiny tim. A.K- Man, his dick is going to get small!

probably she wouldn't be complaining if it was Celsius...and obviously it was farenheit because she's American...and even if you're used to using Celsius, it doesn't make any sense to add that piece of information to the Fml unless it's cold...

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64 op will get hard nipples not a little willy. it's a girl.

well i thought it was hot as well... every non-american probably thought it as well

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30 degrees Fahrenheit is hottt y'all! I'd be swimming in snow if we could get some of that good weather down here! But nooooo, here in Texas we gettin cooked! D: feels alright though. (:

stop all you complaining about cold. here in Canada it's still ****** snowing and people are wearing shorts and tshirts. if ur afraid to go outside in slightly below 0 in Celsius try -30 Celsius and then come complain on fml. so what it's a bit cold ur not gonna die

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hahaha thats gotta suck !! frost bite is a bitch !!

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Lingling, stop thinking about penis for once. OP is female.

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53 30 DEGREES IS FREEZING! Didnt they teach you math?

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it's gonna be may and it's already in the mid 90s here in Texas...

Was there really any need to correct that statement?

KiddNYC1O 20

146- That was more an addition than correction. Anyhow, that's not really any of your business, Sir/Ma'am.

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pull the stick outta yo ass

I wonder how many guys tried to "huddle for warmth" political

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LMAO OP TOTALLY DESERVED IT if you ask why I swear I'll slit your throat >:o

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i can definitely sympathize, we always have people burning toast or popcorn at 3 am. fml

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seconddddd yessss ive never been anywhere close to the top...jhjaajaja and yea why?

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And you decide to make your first top comment say something as stupid as what you just said. That is why you don't deserve to post top comments. Just go post on another comment next time.

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Don't you have some kids to stalk.

Brrrrrrr....I hope that you at least put a heavy coat on before going outside.

is measuring temperature different in America? in the uk 30 degrees Celsius is nice and hot :3

Well think of it this way: 32 degrees Fahrenheit is 0 degrees Celsius. That sucks OP, I don't know where in Michigan you live but where I am, it's super windy as well.

kasumii 1

Wow, for once someone from outside America doesn't know American systems etc rather than the usual vice versa.

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that's friggen warm!! I live in Canada up north and we get -50 degree weather in the winter time and plus 30 in the summer!!

r u seriously using farenheit cmon celsius is so Mich easier and better

It's not easier at all. In this case it's the one you grew up with which is the 'easier' one.

seriously? 30 degrees is REALLY HOT! i almost can't wear anything in that weather. Are you from the earths core or something?

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hero deep, I'm from Canada and I figured out 30 farenheit is what he meant, being two farenheit degrees below 0 I pity you sir

30? Pff, some dbag pulled the fire alarm in my dorm at 1am during a cold snap. 3 deg F, and 20+mph wind. And for some reason, it took the FD 15 minutes to come from across the street.

op is female so unless it was a lesbian dorm.................huh, what?? sorry my mind went elsewhere for a moment

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There are dorms specific to gender on my campus. Others have guys on one floor and girls on the next.

nvm, #4 comment made me think of the FML, that it was a guy.

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epic fail. why would you be proud to be fourth anyway?

where are the mod gods to improve this comment?!

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They will be here any minute now along with these comments.

#5 fails. And OP: Is your username what the fireman said when he opened your shower curtain while looking for people to rescue?

must have been delightful for the guys ;)

Exactly. Either all guys gathered around, or they all got out of there ASAP.

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Come talk to me when you get second stage hypothermia where you stop shivering. When you do then I will give you sypathy.

Did you have time to put some pants on?

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well ur just to beautiful.... I think it's time for me to move to Australia

Ouch. I'd be so concerned about the welfare of my ****.

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well, mr manwhore, are u also concerned about the size of it?

he says he's a man ***** in his about him box thingy.

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a girl posted this. ;/ but i wouldn't want a frostbitten dick either

ha in that temperature it would turn into a shrinky dink