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By Anonymous - 25/05/2011 05:21 - Canada

Today, my boss called me into his office. Expecting a long overdue promotion, I hurried in. Instead, he told me he thought I would be perfect to take his son on a pity date, because he's a suicide risk due to his depression. FML
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maybe if his son is satisfied you could get a raise ;)

PSQ91 6

Look on the bright side OP, he trusts you. Next step will be promotion :)


kingsamuelcdt 0

maybe if his son is satisfied you could get a raise ;)

juicedboi 7

So i guess the bosses son will be getting lucky on your date. Unless you dont care much for your job that is.

At least your boss considered you on dating his son. From what I've heard, workers don't usually get along with their boss. It's a major compliment OP!

You know what they say: One raise earns another;)

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I like lemons is that so wrong?

TheDrifter 23

Or take him on the pity date and crush his self esteem mercilessly all night then kick him out of the car halfway home. His suicidal tendencies might just be ended with a little tough "love".

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yeah smelly! ghost and modern warfare 3! getting that when it comes out :)

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going out on a date is not something that can cure deep depression. that is something you need to seek help for.

but maybe the dude ends up liking her, they go out on more dates and he starts to cheer up

But you never know, your new date could be attractive, just one of those brooding silent types though.

Wait, What? 1twilight, do you even know what you are talking about? Have you ever met someone who has such a deep depression that he wants to commit suicide? I can assure you that those people aren't much fun to be with (which is, ofcourse, not their fault, but you can't deny that fact). Why do you (and others) expect OP to sacrifice her time/life (?) to be on a completely unwanted date with a depressed guy? She is not a psychologist, and that is what that boy need. I think it's very, very egoistic from all of you to expect that OP 'saves' that boy. I've been in a depression myself, and I never never never want to be with a depressed person because they ask so ******* much from you that you almost get in a depression yourself. If OP can't handle it (very likely), that boy will feel even more depressed.

hahaha 70 the world never ended u can take off that mask...and for op sucks to be u

70: you bored me, and this is a cite for fun not to post your life stories. You depressed me with your post.

Actually, this site (notice it's site) is open to all. If a person with firsthand experience with an issue wishes to point out a flaw, they're free to do so. It gets boring always seeing comments by incompetent 12 year olds (no offense to the competent ones), so it's nice to see the occasional post made by someone who (probably) knows what they are talking about.

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and your fat :) someone needs to help you

What's your ******* problem calling people fat? Get a life you skinny emo prick.

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I was in depression back in highschool. doctor suggested anti depressants(can't think of how to spell properly). I told him no and preceded further into depression. My fiance is the one who helped me out of it. So it isnt impossible for OP to help just improbable.

The best way to cure depression/suicidal thoughts is a loaded gun or poison......lots and lots of poison. After they used any of the two they won't be depressed anymore that's for sure!

You can save a life... Your boss would be so grateful for it, you'd probably get your promotion.

#110, did you get your tattoo idea from the shower curtain beside you or was it the other way around?

Why the **** should she do that just for some little shit.

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Interesting coming from the man who's profile pic is a little kid with a blow up doll... You and your first (read:only) girlfriend?

PSQ91 6

Look on the bright side OP, he trusts you. Next step will be promotion :)

Na, if we go by any of the other FML's, next step is being fired for no reason.

no I agree, you can totally use that as leverage OP! go for it!

You got to do what you can to climb the corporate latter. Its better than giving him a bj for a promotion!

Haha, have fun :) Sucks you didn't get the promotion though :(

Hey, if it helps save the guy's life...