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Today, I got jumped by five dudes who took my phone. On it I had naked pictures of myself. An hour later they sent the pictures to all of my contacts. FML
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It's called "password protection", next time look for a phone with this feature.


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My thoughts exactly JoHnnycsU, not everyone has naked pics on their phone, and i'd like to think that even fewer have naked pics of THEMSELVES. OP: Do you love looking at yourself that much? -------- Vlog =

YDI for not calling your network provider to block your phone. You had a whole hour!

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Seriously. Any of these "and then my naked pictures got leaked" stories are totally deserved. It's called descretion, tact, self-respect. And most importantly DELETE.

#39, it could have taken more than an hour for the OP to get home, they are likely to have had their money stolen too so a pay phone would be off limits.

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What the big deal? As long as nude pics have no face shot, just say your phone got stolen and pics are of thieves.

14 & 54 have it right! Unless the pics were of himself and someone else... then I guess I can see that, but jee, just of yourself? ...... Is your name Narcissus, OP? lol

people take pictures of themselves when others ask them for them.

Who keeps them, though? Unless you're meaning "well they're just in case" then I repeat: OP, is your name Narcissus?

#79: "people take pictures of themselves when others ask them for them."? No, stupid, lifeless, desperate and careless morons take nude pictures of themselves when others ask for them. I'm thirteen, and even I know that. If someone asked me for nude pics, I'd probably try to get a restraining order right off the bat. |: You're such a moron. OP, YDI. The nude pics shouldn't have even been on your phone.

well see, you're thirteen and you don't understand. Do you?

Well, Blazi does have a point. It's sort of creepy desperate for random people to ask for nuddie pics. If the two are already a couple, yeah, but if not...

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kewlcat, have you been sending people nudes? tsk, tsk, even a 13 year old knows better

you require a cellphone, to call, or money for a payphone, plus you have to magically know your phone companies contact number without looking it up on the internet

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Yes FYL for being mugged, but seriously YDI for keeping nude photos on it. Of yourself?! Why? You wanna look at them!?

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He prolly took them to post all over craiglist to pick up little boys. Unfortunately he forgot to delete them afterwards...

FYL for the first bit. YDI for the second.

It's called "password protection", next time look for a phone with this feature.

6 your a **** tard, so bc a phone doesn't have a pw lock on the apps, that'a stop u from gettin it? I seriously doubt it if u wanted a iPhone 4 ud get it reguardless!

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That's actually a great idea...

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This wouldn't work as phones can be hacked into easily

Damn youuu -angry fist shake- you see that fist shake, intoxicunt? That is ME. Shaking MY FIST. At YOU. How does that make you feel NOW, huh? Ya firstie-first. >:C

I do. It's easier to keep the ones that look good, then just send them to each boyfriend I get rather than take new ones for each one. I once had a semi-nude of myself with a bow around my boobs holding a paper that said "Happy birthday [guy's name]!" He dumped me. I ended up dating another guy. I reused the picture and edited it in Paint to say the new boyfriend's name instead. :)

Um, epic smart. Mine doesnt even hold pictures :P Too ghetto

Only if you have a good lip impression. Wait, it better not be that DREAAADFUL pinkish purple color!

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What?!? Ur in desperate need of a new phone.

organisedchaos: Guys aren't dumping me after seeing me naked, dipshit. I don't give the pictures to people who haven't seen me naked in real life. I shortened the timeline for simplicity's sake. However, it should go something like this: I dated a guy for a couple years. I sent him a naked picture and kept a copy. A year or so later, he dumped me. Do you get it now? Plus, of course I did a good job of the edit. All I had to do was white out one thing then type words over it. Not that hard. They were never the wiser. :)

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"...Every last one, route one, rural hearts got a story to tell Every grandma, in law, ex girlfriend Maybe knows it just a little too well Whether you're late for church or you're stuck in jail Hey words gonna get around Everybody dies famous in a small town..." And now so do you! go run around and tell everyone! But be quick- not all of them will want to talk to you if they open their phone before you get to them :)