By Anonymous - 21/03/2009 07:18 - Canada

Today, I was playing Xbox live with my boyfriend. I was bored so I decided to mess around. So I put down my remote and unbuttoned his pants. Two minutes in he said, "Hurry up, we're getting killed without you. Besides you're way better at video games." FML
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Um, you can't really do that in the middle of a game. It's distracting. Saying "hurry up" was kind of a dick move, though. Also, "remote" = "controller."

At least you're good at one of the joysticks XD


Um, you can't really do that in the middle of a game. It's distracting. Saying "hurry up" was kind of a dick move, though. Also, "remote" = "controller."

At least you're good at one of the joysticks XD

135 Wait, what? I'm suspecting that your one of those PS3 ignoramus's who think playstation is better for no reason. And for the rest of it, you called her an idiot for pretty much everything she did here,

You saying that makes you an Xbox fanboy though...

hahahahahahahaha. sorry. but that's funny. jerk move from your boyfriend tho.

for some reason I don't believe this fml. the boyfriend claiming your better at vgames. prob never happened. him telling you to hurry though..very believable lol

I think it meant better at videogames than handjobs...

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I agree. she's lying so all the guys will fall in love with her for being able to play video games.she needs to get a life before it can be f'd.

Why would all the guys fall in love with her for video games? That doesn't even make sense. First of all she said she got bored of them so obviously she isn't a true gamer. Secondly, she sucks at whatever sexual thing she was trying to do. Guys will not fall in love with that.

I don't get how this is a FML? Are you saying you're bad at games, and your bf was saying that you play video games better than sex? If so, perhaps you should talk to him about it. I mean sometimes guys just need to do stuff. Girls on the other hand don't understand.

the boyfriend was too focused on the game to care about the intimacy. along with the fact that he said person was better at video games

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the other hand HAHA

You should of just un plugged his Xbox.. They suck anyway pc FTW!

hey #4 guess wat? u suck and probably have no friends.

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ALL 3 FTW!!!

hey, why not both?

No they didint 90% of console games are in pc too and fps ate way better

Xbox kicks ps3's ass any day of the week

thecman25 14

only if you got raped by microsoft, ps3 kicks the **** out of the 360

You should have shot him from behind and tea-bagged him in the game. Get what you want anyways.

well if it was Halo 3 i don't blame him, Stick to what you do best ;). but still a video game over a BJ?, come on...

"Today I was playing xbox live with my boyfriend..." i just have to say that's awesome! I've had several girlfriends before that will flip out just because I play video games...

Uh.. Then obviously you're dating the wrong people

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#5 What the hell are you supposed to call it then? I call it a remote and I'm 16 .. O_O

I call it "the thing with buttons I use to win", but I don't know how it matters what you call it.

most people call it a "controller"

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he was into his game, he didnt want to lose. he complimented on your video game skills (though you still cant say controller). i dont get how this constitutes as an FML

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Why did you distract him? You deserved it for distracting him from his game.