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By Oopsydaisy31 - 03/01/2020 03:00

Today, my date and I were getting to know each other, and we talked about our favorite music. He's into metal. Trying to impress him, I mention I like metal too. He said his favorite band is “The Gonzorks” and I mentioned that's my favorite too. He looked at me dead and cold and said “Um, actually that band doesn't exist.” FML
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That’s why you shouldn’t lie to impress someone.

What's the point of lying? You really deserved his scorn.


That’s why you shouldn’t lie to impress someone.

What's the point of lying? You really deserved his scorn.

Yeah it’s a lie, but it’s a cute one, and if don’t appreciate it, dump him, he doesn’t deserve you. It’s not like if you said you were single while being married.

There’s nothing cute about lying. The guy dodged a bullet and I would be royally pissed if someone pulled the same crap with me.

What's cute about someone making up stuff? Nobody needs a relationship that starts with being lied to.

One of the things that fans of something like to do, is to teach others about the things they like. I'm not going to judge someone for not knowing the specific thing I like, but get them to know it too. I mean, why would I talk about the stuff I like with someone who knows all that stuff already? It's a lot more fun to educate people about things than living in an echo chamber.

The alternative was him blasting death metal every car trip for the duration of the relationship, which you'd have to pretend to like. Don't lie to impress.

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"Gonzork" sounds more like one of Gonzo's kids. You don't need to like all the same things a potential partner likes. You're two different people, so share what you do like together, and keep the things you dislike to yourselves.

You were trying to get to know each other. Lying kind of keeps that from happening. One of the fun things of having someone with different interests in your life is introducing each other to things. You won’t like all of each other’s interests and that’s fine. You still need the just you things. Everything done together can be unhealthy. So unless if you just want them to like you long enough to get laid, quit the lying.

I truly don't get why people lie on a first date. Either you've never heard of the group or just don't like that genre, don't lie.