By Cookie_monster - Canada - Toronto
Today, getting ready to go out, I turned on my straightener. After 5 minutes, I start straightening one big strand when I realize I'm smelting plastic into my hair. Turns out I'd left it on a plastic box. Of course, plastic never comes out, so I had to cut it out. FML
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By  isera  |  7

Next time, granted I hope there will will be no next time, you could very very carefully try to dissolve the plastic with paint thinner, but try to not get it on your skin. Make sure to be far far away from your hair straightener or any other heat source though, because paint thinner is highly flammable.

By  Druu  |  53

Acetone will dissolve plastics, and it's safer than paint thinner. (Odds are, you already have it as nail polish remover.) Caveat: I have no idea what it will do to hair though. It should strip the oils from it, leaving you in need of one of those "replenishing" shampoos advertised with the CGI oil droplets flowing into a huge strand of hair.