By jerkgirl - 08/04/2009 05:18 - United States

Today, while getting my hair done, I was annoyed that the beautician was not paying attention while straightening my hair. After asking her three times to watch what she was doing, I grabbed the iron and said "let me do it, you're going to burn me!". I then burned two layers of skin off my ear. FML
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Why would you do that? Don't be a bitch. YDI.

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How much attention does it require to hold something and slowly pull down?


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How much attention does it require to hold something and slowly pull down?

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that's what she said :D

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alot actually so you don't burn yourself like this idiot did

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You sound like a real bitch, OP. think about it from the hairdressers perspective - you keep getting onto her for not doing her job right, then take her tools away to do it yourself and screw it up. I would have laughed at you.

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It's called a straightening IRON. It's like a curling IRON, but to make your hair straight. idiot.

It's also for styling hair not cutting it.

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that's what you get for being a bitch who always knows better. YDI

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Well at least you got your nick spot on. YDI

Why would you do that? Don't be a bitch. YDI.

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Yeah I agree, no need to be a uptight bitch. She's the hairdresser, she knows what she's doing

Oww. Well..I know you didnt want to get your hair ruined at the salon but you didnt have to freak out, she probably knew what she was doing. D: Sorry, but you deserved it.

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i agree. if shes employed as a hairdresser, then she probably knows more about hair then you.

#2 I think she means a straightener, not an iron, but this website is American I think. That's probably what they call them there. You're probably Australian and we call them straighteners. Also, she probably was paying attention but just talking to someone or something at the same time. Hairdressers aren't usually that stupid to not pay attention. If someone complains they can probably get fired.

Actually, if I'm not mistaken, this site is based in France, since that's where the default location is. Also, we Americans do call them straighteners or flat irons, but I've never heard someone call it just an iron before.

In America we call them either a straightener, or a flat iron. Usually a flat iron.

All I've ever heard anyone call it here is a straightener. But I suppose it differs from what parts of the country your in.

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they have a name for people like you.... of yea.... CUNT!

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DIY? YDI? and #8, it was a port of a French site, so, neither American nor Australian.