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Close, but no cigar

Today, my boyfriend tried to compliment my date-night attire. His brain couldn't decide between, "So pretty" and, "You're the shit," so his mouth decided, "You're so shitty" would suffice. FML
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I once read a comic strip in which a boy hands his girlfriend a love note that she angrily throws back in his face and walks off. Confused, he calls after her, "Angel face!" and she stops, turns around, and gives him a hug. She realizes he had spelled it "angle face".

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When I was in the nervous phase with a huge crush on my now boyfriend he had a new hat and I told him that it was awful. I meant “awesome” and “cool” at the same time. (Yeah, I tried to bust out a “that’s cool”. I’m really less nervous with him going on 3 yrs but I still get butterflies when I’m with him. Lol