By sadcase - 12/04/2011 14:01 - Australia

Today, I used my hair straightener to attempt to straighten my eyelashes and burned my eyelid. I don't know what's sadder, that fact I thought it would be fun, or that I was stupid enough to think I wouldn't hurt myself. FML
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Painful .. but YDI for trying to straighten your eyelashes! For FUN?

Try your pubes next.


Painful .. but YDI for trying to straighten your eyelashes! For FUN?

ydi! there's no reason to straighten your eyelashes!?

YDI. What sane person does this!?? If you had thought this through you would have realized how stupid it was. Ofcourse your gonna get burnt! No matter how small your straightner is, your eye lashes are 100 times smaller! Im in shock at how much of a YDI you are!

op. you are so very much an complet idiot. seriously. i hope you don't breed.

Nah, maybe she has curly eyelashes. xD

I thought everybody straightens their eyelashes!

YDI! How stupid, next time use mascara or something if you want nice eyelashes xD

Jrefinne 7

I wasn't under the impression that eyelashes were curly or frizzy.

BelleElle_fml 5

OP, you're one of those idiots who drinks Red Bull then jumps down from a second-story window to see if the wings worked, aren't you? YDI.

Please don't have children

I'm wondering how long are OP's eyelashes! O.o

I heard of eyelash curler but not straightener. o.O But then again I'm 94 years old!!!

MrsxBillxKaulitz 5

I curl my lashes. I wouldn't ever straightened them. o_O

OP gives a whole new meaning to stupid I have to make a word up now,Øk, i got one lintzpinkton

itskeilibaybeex 0

yeah ikr i permed mine so i dont have to straighten them

Silly silly... You need to buy an eyelash straightener.

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That's more dumb than me straightening my hair with an iron.

c'mon op straightening your lashes is definitely a no go

How much fucking crack were you smoking?! YDI

Finn_the_human 5

This has serious educational value!

Ihatethesenames 0

I always wondered if u could take it

annnndyyyyy 6:D

that's freakin hilarious!!

legitasaurusrex 0

I just had the strangest impulse to go and try this. I guess I shouldn't, though.

OP...don't reproduce.

AmericanGirl69 0

there's a reason why mascara was invented.

[email protected] I also had that thought even tho I know how dumb that would be

luckielucyy 0

Indeed! ^_^

I agree, retard! this is the kind if people I would know...Shame:(

that was very dangerous and stupid, you could have blinded yourself OP

WTF what was going through ur head???

Haha :D whats YDI by the way?

YDI = You Deserved It :)


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this is the stupidest FML i've ever read! it's shocking. :O

chester75 5

this FML is completely absurd,NOBODY is this stupid except maybe docbasterd hahaha.

^ speaking of Hank hill it seems like op is a dumbass

omg why would you even need to straighten you eye lashes? YDI!

hobojo11 0

wtf unles you have 4 inch eyelashes uhh ya wtf

tsim_fml 0

i think its sadder that you think this is an FML. i mean ya it sucks but thats wat happens when u have fun..... its life bruh

Wow ur a dumbass

Try your pubes next.

haha wow that's a little weird.. lol anyways ydi for being a dumbass and trying to straighten your eyelashes.. seriously come on who does that?

BellyDancinCheer 0

3-haha i agree! OP was already stupid enufff!

hopefully, it will mean that he/she doesn't reproduce and make retard babies

ImaWiseGuy 5

I agree 141 ^^ please do not contaminate this planet with your retarded seed, your parents have already weakened the gene pool enough......

hahah your funny #3

Ohmygiluvcookies 0

OP must be a SMER

Ohmygiluvcookies 0

OP must be a SMER

201, what's a SMER????

staceysgenesis16 0

haha hmm wat a great idea.. why dont you try it and tell us all how well it works! lolol

ya exactly what I was thinkin

lmfao !!!!!!! AGREED!!!!!!!

damselchelle 4


don't forget the ass hair xD


you said it yourself, that was pretty stupid.... YTDI

I agree. at what point did you decide it was a good idea?

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Today I decided to be a complete moron.. oh no wait... thats everyday.

omg the OP is so stupid! why would you straighten your eye lashes? YDI.

BellyDancinCheer 0

actually id have to say FYL, bcuz OP's life is obvi fuckedd

LaurennEllee 1

WTF why would you even use a hair straightener?!?! YDI

Hello_kitty_love_fml 0

OP likes to try different things, of course!

you want straight eyelashes?

i like your abbs!! ;p

tmmundy 17

lmao # 114, there probably spray on abs. or not even his real pic. haha.

254- ur just probably jealous

staceysgenesis16 0

lmao abbs

sydneybatch 4


Yeah, I was almost positive that most girls wanted eyelashes that CURLED nicely, not straightened. Almost positive.

ahha thanks? :)

And I want you to put some pants on, number 6.

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when did this fml become about his abs. there just abs

Next time straighten your nose hairs. Guys dig that.

Your stupidity amazes me.

patric14 0

WTF 102 FMLs and only 1 confirmed is your life full of FML every day??? and u look like ur 16 just saying!

#229 The FMLs I submitted are all just the same 6 or 7 FMLs, submitted multiple times (but re-worded). You can submit the same FML more than once. And yeah, I look young. So what? It just means that I'll still look young when I'm older...And that will be a good thing. :)

nerdsgetmehot is 21 by the way, if you've been on FML lately you would know tht. dumbass.

Haha that's the spirit! Sometimes I think I look really young but I try to remember that.

chammi 0

229, what is the point of your comment other than you stalking her profile? stfu.

greatdane2119 0

more sad*

No, sadder is fine.

Sadder makes more grammatical sense...

or that you used the word "sadder"??

Actually "sadder" is perfectly fine.

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nice car:)