By MakeItMaaco - 11/07/2011 17:56 - United States

Today, I saw a Red Tailed Hawk land on my car and spend a few minutes looking at his reflection in the windshield. This was all really neat until I found out he badly scratched my hood with his large talons. FML
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do the chickens have large talons? *adjusts glasses and sniffles*

Hawks. They will admire themselves while destroying cars.


thats awful!!!:(

say hello to a Saturday buffing and waxing your car

-21 Animorphs? Get outa here

"do the chickens have large talons?" that's what I think of whenever I hear that word xD

Hey, I grew up with animorphs...and I never read the last book!!! Darn!!! Still, leave the animorph fans alone! too, napoleon dynamite ftw

I accidentally hit a hawk the other day so I went to see if it was ok, it was laying on it's back moving so I flipped it over and it got up into it's defensive position, it walked a little and seemed like his wing was a little hurt I was so sad, so I came back about 10 mins later to check on it and it was gone so I think it flew away and was okay!! hawks are so pretty and amazing!! :)

^ Cool story bro.

33- exacty what I was thinking. *huge sigh*

-52 They all die, evil invading aliens exposed to public, terrorists, religion is probably declined. Summary

I can't think of a somewhat witty comment for this post

Then don't comment?

I can only think of a quote, "Do the chickens have large talons?"

"I don't understand a word you just said."

blame state farm for saving someone enough money to buy a hawk

38, you beat me to it

That's something to tell the kids!

at least you have a cool reason why your hood got scratched.

Hawks. They will admire themselves while destroying cars.

Am I the only one that thought of Napoleon Dynamite because of the word "talons" ? (Do chickens have talonsss ?" ) :p

You're not the only one 41

do the chickens have large talons? *adjusts glasses and sniffles*

haha beat me to it

boy, I don't understand a word that just came out of your mouth.

can't find my check book. hope ya don't mind If I pay you in change.

six dollars..........that's like a dollar an hour!

Its time to go hunting?

how but we don't...

So? It's just a car. At least you got to see the hawk and it didn't attack you.

so? whats a car?

its a car? who cares!

Don't you remember last night?

so? it's just a car

idk I think it's that thing that ppl drive and go places in like omigod :O...T.T

D: My comment got moderated! :(

he was looking at you.. that explains the scratches