By Anonymous - 13/08/2019 12:00 - United States

Today, I went to visit my grandmother. My grandfather recently died, so I had gotten her a cat for comfort. Turns out in her sadness, she had forgotten about the cat. I found its remains being eaten by ants and birds. FML
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Mathalamus 24

You are very irresponsible. Don't gift pets, for this exact reason. You totally deserved it.

Damn, But wouldn’t the cat of cried for food?


Damn, But wouldn’t the cat of cried for food?

Mathalamus 24

You are very irresponsible. Don't gift pets, for this exact reason. You totally deserved it.

This is a stupid comment, why shouldn't you gift pets? Clearly OP thought his grandma was going to look after it. I'd be concerned about her mental state though, it's seriously worrying that she could just "forget" about her cat.

Mathalamus 24

You don't think, do you. Buying a live animal for some who might not want said animal, or is unable or unwilling, or forgets to care for said animal is the height of irresponsibility. DONT EVER GIFT PETS. I will not abide by idiots who thinks it's ok. The OP should face trouble for this.

toodamntall 9

Gifting pets as emotional support companions is a completely normal thing to do, especially for those who are grieving or lonely. It's not OPs fault that the cat died. Rather, instead what OP should have been doing is checking in on their grandmother and the cat on a regular basis, to ensure she was looking after her new pet, and then removed it when it became clear that their grandmother was incapable of taking care of the animal.

While everyone can understand wanting it to be a surprise, you ask someone if they want it first. Knowing her grandmother was grieving and probably not taking care of herself, both should have been checked on daily. I’m assuming OP is grieving as well, so understand the not thinking it through. We all make mistakes in times like that. Try not to judge too badly.

some_dumb_kid46 7

what the **** is wrong with you

A bird eating a cat? That’s some karma there!

Peaches1914 13

Research grief stages, she was not ready for another responsibility, give her time and try again. I am sure she was thankful for your kind consideration

Yeah, the "kind consideration" of giving someone going through a tremendous life upheavel a living, breathing creature to be suddenly responsible for. "Here grandma, here's something to feed, pay bills for, and clean up shit from! You're welcome!"

Mungolikecandy 19

The cat was shut inside and she forgot it? If it was outside it would have just found alternate food sources as I have seen happen before with cats.

LostSoul 19

If the cat was outside, it would just find food. Cats are resourceful. They don't just die from not eating outside. If it was inside, concerned about the birds.

reminds me of how when I gave someone a baby as a hostess gift, they got all "I dont' want to take care of a baby!" and "where the hell did you get a baby?!" and "just bring wine next time." It's as if giving living creatures to someone to feel like you've "fixed" their very serious troubles is a shallow, selfish stupid gesture.