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  alfred07  |  18

I'm working for my mother's company also. I tried getting a job for over half a year and Mum is the only one who would hire me.

Getting a "real job" is easier said than done.

  max_bleu  |  2

29- I worked for a family owned company that was several hundred thousand dollars in debt with more rolling in daily. Seeking 'financial advice' did absolutely nothing but make things worse for them

  DontClickOnMe  |  28

Why do people always say work at McDonald's? Why not just say work at a fast food restaurant? Besides, it's not like McDonald's hires everyone who applies there. I worked at McDonald's for over two years, and trust me, we did not hire everyone who applied. Not even half of the people who applied were hired. Yeah, that job sucks, but it's better than not having a job at all.

  GoW_Chick  |  14

I still don't think working at mcdonalds is worth it, I mean yeah it's okay if you are under 18 or in college working to pay tuition, after that it gets a little embarrassing and sad.

  LaColombianita  |  26

32 - I totally agree. Some people I work with are like in their 40's and I guess they have nowhere else to go but I mean it seems like people just don't seem to try hard enough now a days when it comes to getting a job. And 38 - that's dumb. You have to start somewhere and I don't see why working at McDonald's would stop anybody from getting a job in the future.


32 I get where you're coming from but surely being like 20 or 30 and being unemployed is more embarrassing than working at McDonalds and earning at least some wage? Even if you have help from the state I think it would win you respect because it shows you are trying to get by.

  dan135  |  5

My First job was iga, there for 2 years and was making 15/hr when i left, started at 12. Now im at west fraser mill in the planer making over 26/hr for a fraction of the work and dont have to deal with fuckin customers....stupid customers where 50% of the reason i got out of there.


But then you got to buy guns, and once you start selling crack on someone elses territory you got to figure out all the turfs, one you find out the turfs you realize that you could be making more money with protection in a gang, once in the gang, you have to spend money on more guns, tatoos (to ink up your body to show loyalty). And when your gang gets in a gangwar, you have to revenge other gang members.

I suggest finding a part time job or work at IKEA