By oliversoden101 - United States - Miami
Today, my dad let me fire one of his guns. This was a big deal because he rarely lets anyone so much as touch them. I was so excited, I forgot about about the recoil. Now I'm in the ER with a broken nose. FML
oliversoden101 tells us more :
Hi I'm the OP, I'm glad I got published that's awesome! The doctor fixed up my nose and it already feels a lot better, I think it's mostly the morphine though. Anyway I learned my lesson with guns and I doubt my dad will let me touch one again for a LONG time.
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  NicH1799  |  20

I'm sure he did, but without being very properly prepared the first time is always a shock. Also, you're told to shoot without being too rigid which is an easily misunderstandable idea. And the FML itself says he forgot about recoil, not that he wasn't aware of it.

  jbuckets_404  |  38

#12: Exactly what constitutes locking your elbow & shoulder/ arm TOO much?
As a life-long, well-informed hunter, I've never heard of this advice/ warning....

  NicH1799  |  20

#31 I think it's just to stop people from tensing up too much, he probably took ot too far. Basically, shoot firm but relaxed is the jist of it. Too tight and you pull the gun on firing it, too loose, and in OP's case, broken nose.

  blazingshot147  |  19

To be fair, even low caliber guns can have a kick if you're new to firing guns. I mean
my first time was a shotgun that damn near dislocated my shoulder. Learned my lesson and now ducks fear me.

By  cOOkiEzRgOOd  |  22

FYL, though you should've known, nothing should be expected of first-time shooters. You should've been told all of the safety tips and what not. Also should try a smaller caliber next time.

  jbuckets_404  |  38

#9: As OP wrote: he was excited....
So you've never done that per ANY act in your entire life?
That is, forgetting the idiom: "Look before you leap?"