By Anonymous - 25/01/2013 00:28 - Canada - Toronto

Today, I learned my dog had eaten a roll of vet wrap, which is like a long strip of bandage. I learned this when she tried to pass it in the yard today, and could only do so with my help. It seemed to never end. FML
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Like those clowns and their never ending handkerchiefs?

Not supposed to do what? Eat vet wrap, or pull objects out of a dogs anus? Because both are casual hobbies of mine.


hoshica 6

You're not supposed to do that

Not supposed to do what? Eat vet wrap, or pull objects out of a dogs anus? Because both are casual hobbies of mine.

Well Sir, I'll keep that in mind when I'm bored. Are you also interested in horse orgies?

Well it depends on if the horse orgies are counting me as the horse, and is with at least 4 women and no other men. With that criteria, orgy away.

Sounds like the one penis per fantasy rule.

Actually, if the dog is already trying to pass it but can't, you're supposed to help or take it to the vet.

Like those clowns and their never ending handkerchiefs?

Capt_Oblivious 10

Queue circus music

Jessj958 19

Thanks guys, now all I can picture is OP pulling bandages out of the dogs butt with circus music playing.

dmoran20 27

Thanks #11 now that's stuck in my head!!!

Kallian_fml 21

Really 11? I'm imagining OP pulling a colorful, never-ending handkerchief out of the dogs butt. With the circus music, of course.

VScpu 3

This time it goes in white and comes out brown. Magic

skyeyez9 24

I can hear the zebra in the madagascar cartoon singing "circus afro" as I read about you pulling an endless amount of vet wrap out of your dog's butt.

Woman- a dog's best friend.

Bro, your profile is ******.

3, you've seen how fast we thumb people down apparently (his profile). Well it's true considering your already on -5. Good job

wellfuuucckme 7

WHO RAISED YOU ?!?!?!?!?!?!

I'm sure it was a lot more uncomfortable for your dog. Having a pet you should know you have responsibilities and one of them is picking things up he/she can potentially eat.

Omfgitsmia 15

Maybe you should keep an eye on your dog next time so that she doesn't get into anything.

At least it wasn't a tape worm.

Your dog would make a funny magician

That's the first thing that came to mind. I picture a bunch of colorful rags tied together being pulled out of a dogs butt..... And then a dove flys out. Don't ask me why, but that's what I see.

Da fuq did I just read?

dmoran20 27

You're a true dog lover. Most wouldn't have bothered to help and would of laughed or yelled at the dog.

dmoran20 27

I'm sure she wasn't in the back yard with her foot on the fence pulling as hard as she could, (at least I hope not) the comment was that she cared enough to try and help the dog and not be like quite a bit of animal owners out there who would of yelled, hit or laughed at the animal.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Honestly, I can't think of what kind of person would have refused to help their own pet, especially when it couldn't very well walk around the house with a mile of bandage coming out of its ass.

TheManager 6

Dogs always get a bad wrap

vanessa09865 23

awww that poor baby, i probably would've laughed and then helped my dog

shan88 14

You would laugh first? That's just horrible and mean. Personally, my first reaction would be to help my poor, quite possibly distressed pooch.