By FMLkoala - Australia - Auburn
Today, it seems to have got to the point where I take fleas off my cat so often that I now have dreams about finding the biggest and most perfect flea. FML
FMLkoala tells us more :
Hi op here, for all of you guys telling me to use flea medicines and all that, I have tried everything and they don't seem to come off and it really "bugs" me. It all happened after I got a dog so yea I'll keep on trying. On the bright side they are happy dreams.
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  jazzy_123  |  20

"no that's definitely not weird at all! one of MY hobbies is letting ny dog get infested with fleas and spending a whole day just picking them out :)"


  gracehi  |  31

OP may live in a part of Australia that's very hospitable to fleas, in which case, it would be nearly impossible to permanently eradicate them from his cat. I live in a hot and humid state with very mild winters, so I know what this is like. The trouble is that there are only a few flea prevention products that work and serve all of one's parasite prevention needs. Many of them are quite effective against fleas, but don't prevent heart worms, ticks, round worms, or hook worms. If you need to protect your cat from all those parasites, there's only a few products that do it all, and your vet may not even carry all of them. And because fleas reproduce so quickly, a single animal can be home to hundreds of generations in a very short amount of time. That means that fleas, through natural selection, evolve very quickly to become immune to whatever you're using to kill them, often within just two or three months. Thus, the fight against fleas becomes a constant battle fought with limited, ever alternating products.

Also, if OP's cat is pregnant or nursing, he can't use a topical flea prevention. He'd only be able to bathe his cat or remove them manually with a flea comb. Seeing as how miserable and difficult it is to bathe a cat, I can see why he'd opt to remove the fleas individually instead.

  pandalover69  |  26

Removing them is stupid because there's no way he's even getting half of them off his cat plus there's the eggs and larva. He should at least try medication, I doubt that cat is pregnant.

  gracehi  |  31

I don't know why you doubt that the cat could be pregnant. How do you think cats continue to exist?

Anyway, I agree that manually picking out fleas isn't a good way to remove fleas, but if it's all you can do, or if the flea medicine isn't working, it's better than nothing. He may have used flea medicine that didn't work. If that's what happened, he'd still have to wait several weeks before trying another brand. Otherwise he'd risk poisoning his cat.

  TheMathMajor  |  26

My parents also live in a humid place with lots of fleas. They get spray treatment for the yards to keep their numbers down outside and also treat the pets with a topical medicine once a month during the summer when they get bad. It works pretty well.

  alycion  |  38

Where I live there is always a flea and tick problem. Once a year I start finding ticks on my dog. My animals are treated monthly. When it gets to the point the prevention isn't working, I treat my yard and if need be, my home. A few days later, the problem is gone. In fact, I just treated my yard this weekend. Haven't seen a tick since. My area stays hot and humid most of the year and it never cools enough to kill them. There are things op can do. When stumped, call the vet. They always have a list of products that work.

  furbyface711  |  9

I live in Florida where fleas are everywhere, it's the perfect environment for them. I use prescription revolution and it covers everything. Since I started using it I haven't seen a single flea.

  TwistedCherub1  |  15

All those chemicals! I sprinkle garlic in Havoc's food. Don't know if cats will like it as much as our dogs seem to, but blood suckers hate garlic. It's the only thing that stops the ticks where we live. We had tried everything, even prescriptions, for our great pyrenees and the only result was her getting sick from blood loss and chemical poisoning--until I started adding a little garlic powder to her food. She got better and, despite her continued digging deep into infested dirt, had no more issues with ticks or fleas.

  Razi_tail  |  25

I love Revolution! It covers so much in one product and hasn't been overused to the point of immunity like Frontline.

And yes, garlic is poisonous for cats so please don't use that. There are some natural things like Diatomacious Earth. (Not sure on the spelling.) Not natural, but a product called Program stops all the beginning life stages for fleas so that plus something that kills the adult fleas will totally break the cycle.

By  Msraina  |  8

Try Revolution from your vet. It protects against more than just fleas--ticks and heart worms as well. Don't get Adams or Hartz, though. They can do serious damage to your cat.