Bitch Better Have My Money

By kitkat1740 - 17/11/2015 00:21 - United States - Concord

Today, I called my boss to ask if my paycheck had been deposited yet. He said no, that my grandmother came in to work and picked it up. Confused, I called her. She is holding it ransom until I start calling home every day. I do, but she gets so drunk, she doesn't remember. FML
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Is it legal to release the check to someone other than you?

Well, why not visit when she's drunk and take it back?


To be fair, English isn't Ashamed_Sister's first language (it says she's from Austria), so I think that as long as we understand what she meant, simply pointing out that she wrote it incorrectly (without at least constructively stating the correct phrasing) is unnecessary..

I get your point. Yet other still emphasis when people make grammatical errors. English isn't my first language, but that doesn't excuse any mistakes I make. I'm not saying that she's horrible and her mistake is the worse, but only pointing it. We all make mistakes and we learn from them.

#66 Would you like someone to correct the mistakes you just made in your post?

Wouldn't mind. Again, everyone makes mistakes and we can learn from them.

#66 however you don't know wether other people want to learn or not. And if they really want to learn it makes no sense to mention the errors without explicitly pointing them out.

If someone is still looking at these comments he or she maybe could point out the error in my previous sentence (#1). I didn't find out.

I think what you meant to say was: "Why did your grandmother get the check?" You used the wrong tense of get. But I may be totally off... always seemed to doze off during my English lessons.

#77 One way I would have written it is 'Why did your Grandmother get the check?'. And #66, second sentence, maybe say 'Yet people still emphasise (or emphazise if you want to spell American) when people make grammatical errors'. And second last sentence, '... her mistake is the worst, but only pointing it out'. Im not a grammar nazi, and I don't like my mistakes being pointed out or other peoples innocent mistakes being pointed out either. Text language is a whole other story. Edit; Sorry, didnt see someone had replied while I was composing my essay.

Emphasize* is the correct American-English spelling.

Well, why not visit when she's drunk and take it back?

or op could take her an deposit her into the bank...

Deposit their grandmother into a bank? I don't think that's how banks work.

#56 then you are going to the wrong banks

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Is it legal to release the check to someone other than you?

Where I live its legal, as long as you've okayed them to pick it up. So if she was pre-okayed she could in theory do it.

One of my coworkers went away to college, but she ended up missing her next paycheck. So her parents showed up to grab the check for her, and I thought we weren't allowed to give it to anyone, but my boss said it was okay. So I'm assuming it's fine in certain situations.

Maybe not illegal, but pretty stupid. In New Hampshire, an employer has 8 days from the end of the pay period to give you your money, and giving your check to a 3rd party is certainly not that. While OP is _temporarily_ out money, if they chose to file a wage complaint, the employer is going to suffer pretty hard, as it's their responsibility.

it is illegal unless you give written authorisation for that specific person

This is so unlikely! No responsible organization will give someone's paycheck to another without proper authorization.

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It isn't legal for other people to pick up your paycheck other than you. Your boss needs to void that check, make you another, and never give out your checks to anyone other than you. My workplace wouldn't even let my fiancé, who also worked at the same place at the time, pick up my check- and it was just the stub from the direct deposit!

We had a similar issue when my sister ended up incapacitated in the hospital last year. I had access to all her bank records but the hospital wanted some of her most recent pay stubs to see if she actually qualified for charity care and her boss said he couldn't let me have them. Finally told him that since she doesn't get benefits due to the hours he gives her and she doesn't make enough to pay for a hospital stay he could either give the stubs to me, her sister, who drives her to work everyday of come over to the hospital and put then in her unconscious hand. He decided to give then to me. She made a full recovery though and only ended up owing like $5000 because everything after we got the stubs qualified for charity.

Yes it is. Everyplace I've ever worked and my husband current job, as long as you gave someone a signed note and told the managers that another person was picking up your check, you can have anyone you want pick It up. Though in this situation the grandma had neither on her side so I have no idea how she acquired it.

why is your boss giving your grandma your check? Is that even legal to do without some sort of signed paper giving her permission to get your paycheck? If you can, why not go to her house and take it back.

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You should take action against the company for releasing your check to someone other than you.

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Granny would be getting her ass kicked

Go there and take it until she gets drunk enough to forget that she even has it