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By  thatslifeiguess7  |  16

For me it was my ex using my SSN to buy stuff online. his sister even bought a car which in a mix up my car was taken by repo. shes in jail now. go to a credit union. my credit union calls me if anything over 100 bucks is tried. idiot has 5 sisters 3 are idiots. one opened a credit card, finger hut. the other day my credit union called me to ask if I was in a branch trying to take out 300 bucks. nope I was in a different city. next one to go to jail. credit unions watch your credit better.
good luck

By  Bridger Walczynski  |  12

You may want to consider a new bank. I had my account info taken and 1700$ spent in one day. When I caught it i filed what's known as a dispute, they instantly put the money back in, but if my dispute was proven false they would have removed it again. But 3 months later I got a letter saying the dispute was settled and all my money returned.