By Anonymous - United States
Today, I walked out to my car to see four kids taking the hubcaps, radio, and license plates off of my truck. I chased them six blocks until I tripped and twisted my ankle. I limped back to my car and found a ticket on my windshield for $55 dollars. The reason? Missing license plates. FML
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By  kristenlee  |  3

You should've kept limping after them, or at least tried to get someone to help, if they were around. At least you know your plate number though so if they for some stupid reason, put it on their vehicle, you can find 'em.

By  area51avenger  |  0

Cops won't write tickets for parked cars. So unless someone else was driving your truck, and then while they were driving it someone stole the radio, hubcaps, and licence plates, and then instead of jumping in your truck to chase them, you decided to run. I call fake