By Frozen Food Fan - 11/08/2015 14:29 - United States - Las Vegas

Today, I posted on Facebook about a cooking mishap I had. My fiancé and ex then spent the next hour trading stories of my other kitchen disasters in the comments. FML
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Sounds like you were roasted.

Well, at least they're on good terms unlike most relationships involving exes lol.


Sounds like you were roasted.

Join in and add some mishap stories about both of them.

Then everybody can be miserable! Hooray!

Well, at least they're on good terms unlike most relationships involving exes lol.

AkBunny907 18

If you don't want the scrutiny then don't post things about your life on social media.

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at least you're popular...

Ouch, you're gonna need a good burn doctor after this

You're gonna need a shovel for how buried your comment is.

So Chef is not a career position you're willing to take?

The best chefs have the most interesting cooking mishaps. Once I was making Christmas cookies to give out to my family. I mixed up a batch of sugar cookies to make about 4-5 dozen. After putting in the first 2 trays I realized I had forgotten the flour. I was left with 2 trays of melted butter and sugar with no idea how much flour to add to fix the rest.

1dvs_bstd 41

I can just imagine the comments going a little something like.. "one time she used so much oil, the U.S tried to invade us" Don't take it personally, OP. Have a sense of humor, learn and be a better cook.

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@8 I hate it when people tell others to have a sense of humor about themselves. At what point did it stop being okay to be upset when people are actively making fun of you?

I would love to read those comments.

At least you know that your fiancé has a great sense of humor.