By Anonymous
Today, the girl I thought I was dating introduced me to her boyfriend. We've gone on dates and have slept in the same bed, but it turns out she thought I was her gay best friend and was planning to introduce me to her boyfriend's brother. FML
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By  ohsnapword  |  21

Maybe she heard you telling your dad you were gay so he would let her sleep over.

By  Rabite  |  28

Fuck all of the people who think that doing stuff together or sleeping in a bed together means more than just that.
At least you were decent enough to not try to get physical.

By  bigdaddyeric  |  30

So you slept together in the same bed and went out on dates and she still thought you were Gay? Is your real name Richard Pencil? Cuz he’s the only person on here that sounds like that.

By  Suaria  |  37

I'm wondering how did you not try kissing at least once before getting into bed with someone you thought you were dating?