By Anonymous - 14/2/2021 17:01

Daydream believer

Today, I apparently fell asleep during a work Zoom meeting. I awoke to no meeting on my screen and an e-mail from my boss saying I was terminated, and to do something about my "sleep apnea." FML
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By  checamuk  |  7

YDI. It's super unprofessional to fall asleep at work. doesn't matter if you're working from home or in an office. if you're in a meeting you should be conscious.

By  BDove  |  17

YDI. Unless you have narcolepsy, you 100% deserve it. Sleep apnea doesn’t cause you to fall asleep randomly, sounds like boss was saying it to refer to snoring.

  Bonnie Koster  |  5

Sleep apnea can 100 percent cause uncontrollable drowsiness. Sleep apnea causes you to not get quality REM sleep cycles, meaning while you're sleeping, your body is not resting, leaving you exhausted. Your body wakes you up several times an hour to keep breathing... like this is sleep apnea 101. Excessive daytime sleepiness. EDS.