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Today, one of my cats peed all over the back of my couch, so I put her outside for a while. When I let her in, she ran straight to the couch and peed on my laptop. This has been going on ever since I accidentally stepped on her tail, several months ago. FML
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my cat did this for a while, on all of my things, turns out she had a bladder infection, and it's her way of telling you there's something wrong.. take it to the vet

Smart cat. You should have apologized.


Morale of the story; treat your pet with respect

Karma's a bitch. ;/ unless it was an accident. Cats annoy the hell out of me anyways so I don't really care; but still...

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(((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) Get a dog!

Respect? OP respects her cat too much already. If I was her that cat would be outside months ago.

throw this cat out and get a new one.. there are tons free ones!

She does... Note the accidentally stepped on tail.

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Well I think you should *accidentally* kick the cats ass

Morale of the story is at an all time low.

moral of the comment thread: Get a dictionary and look up the difference between moral and morale and learn to spell!

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Thats why you get a dog, cats are unforgiving assholes

69 maybe iPod automatically spell checks it to morale instead of moral???

You dont own a house pet do you? If you have a pet that hangs around your feet, you step on them everyonce in awhile

How...? Can you read? She accidently stepped on the cats tail. Why would OP deserve that? I mean, yes, OP deserves it if she dosn't give it away or something after this, but you can't blame OP for having a messed up cat if you know what I mean.

op should of watched where she was walking. op's cat is just getting revenge.

Oh, please, #112. Don't give me that crap. I am so sorry to tell you but humans aren't perfect and sometimes trip over things. Cats and dogs tend to get in your walking path as well a lot; I have a cat and a dog and I constantly have to stop and start because they always get into my way.

Wow. 122 you're a moron. My sisters puppy runs in-between the legs of everyone in the house, causing them to trip and almost break a hip. Same with my old cats. This is not a ydi at all. The cat is just ******* stupid, that's why I don't have any anymore

#2, you do know that there is a button for "you deserved it" right? or are you just too dumb to even know that? I can see why u voted wrongly too.

my cat did this for a while, on all of my things, turns out she had a bladder infection, and it's her way of telling you there's something wrong.. take it to the vet

54- Don't judge, how would you know? Unless you are the cat guru or something...

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Your kidding me right? How would you like it Implying you have a dog If I said oh yeah your dog has a bladder infection take it to the vet and put it down ydi for having a dog. Your stupid and cruel

I'm no fan of cats either, 139. In fact, I'm actually a bit afraid of them, but to tell someone to kill their pet, no matter what species, is cruel and mean. >:(

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I agree that's funny and I don't even like Obama that much good profile pic haha

Smart cat. You should have apologized.

how does one apologize to a cat? "hey, i'm sorry for that time a few months ba--" *whizzzzzzzzzzzz* |the kid|

Why yes, something like that. With a big yummie fish on the side. The cat will forgive OP then.

it's true I have to apologize to my cat when I step on it's tail or it does terrible, terrible things

If it doesn't work, bribe it. Ball of yarn would be you eat bid. It's like giving Snookie tan lotion.

how would you like it if someone stepped on your tail? hmmm? that's what I thought.

how come some of my comments dont get posted

how is that a fail??? or do you mean that you fail to understand my q, I tried posting a comment before that one, and it never showed up... it was quite funny too, so you guys are missing out

see like right now I tried posting a reply and it never showed up.. hmmm

I can see why the cat would be pissed! first you step on her tail. second you stick her outside. take better care of your pussy!!