By FacebookStrikesAgain - 21/01/2014 23:59 - Puerto Rico - Bayamon

Today, my girlfriend told me the reason why my credit card mysteriously maxed out 2 months ago 'might have been' because she posted a picture of it on Facebook. I ordered a new credit card without the custom picture of us immediately. She broke up with me. FML
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If she's that stupid, its a good thing she left.

Haha is interestingly enough not a word, but a series of sounds depicting laughter.

"An onomatopoeia" is actually two words ;)

I'm not sure if this is the same for all the cards but don't you need the 3 digit security code at the back of the card to be able to use it online?

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You can use a credit card sometimes without the code on the back. I've had my information stolen by someone working at a local store and they didn't have the back security code.

Not sure how they can swipe it #38, unless there is some sort of teleportation service on Facebook which I am unaware of.

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@53, I'm guessing #38 was replying @10, just a guess though.

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If I remember correctly, my coach was telling us about how her credit card number stolen but not the physical card. So the people that stole it made a duplicate card. But when it was swiped it wouldn't work since it wasn't the actual card so the cashier would just punch in the number instead and be none the wiser. So something similar may be what happened.

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Hackers can figure it out some how.

The company I work for takes phone and internet orders. On the internet, you need to give the CCV, but on the phone, you don't need to give the CCV, or even the name on the card (pretty terrible, if you ask me). It really depends on where the card is used.

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thats exactly what i was wondering.

So, she essentially broke up with you because you ordered a credit card without your picture on it. That's so childish, not even mentioning the blunt disregard for safety practices of blurring sensitive info, that I'm wholeheartedly seconding the Good riddance! thinking movement above me.

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you're better off without that idiot. edit: I posted this before seeing #6's comment. oops

I hope he shows her or she sees this FML and reads how many people are calling her an idiot. There needs to be no shortage of these so don't apologize. Ill say it again. She's stupid.

No offense OP, but if she was dumb enough to post your card on a website and not think anything of it, then break up with you over a picture, good riddance! I think you're better off.

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OP you are much better off without someone dumb enough to post your personal financial information on the internet. I'm guessing she was trying to show off the custom picture of the two of you together because she thought it was cute and was just too stupid to blackout the financial information. She should have to pay you all that money back since it was her massive stupid **** up.

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In the words of wise Forest Gump, Stupid is as stupid does.

Well, she was a keeper. Shame you're not Facebook friends, you'd have maybe seen and been able to cancel the card before the details were stolen!

Not everyone has a Facebook or checks their Facebook often.

17, please tell me where it says they weren't Facebook friends? For all we know, they were, and he doesn't check it a lot. I'm friends on Facebook with my husband, and I don't know half the shit he posts.