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Public schools are doing a fine job I see.

The "no child left behind" program at its finest!


Public schools are doing a fine job I see.

Let's face it. There's no hope for humanity anymore :/

They mist be drunk from the party they were in last night and couldnt answer it correctly

Time to get out the McDonald's applications.

McDonalds probably wouldn't take them because they'd get the bacon and sausage wet.

I think you're getting confused. Public schools are the good school boards and the catholic ones are shit here in Canada.

Catholic schools are shit in canada! They are the bomb in Ireland. You should write to the pope and complain...

Maybe home schooled?

A sinking tide lowers all boats. This is what happens when you cut funding in absurd amounts.

Honestly still remembering my school experience I blame the students. All of my junior high and High school classes I heard over and over, "we will never need this when are going to need this" followed by a definite lack of learning. Now when I whip out knowledge that is general education 101 I look like a genius to morons with college degrees while I have only a high school diploma.

Public? All schools are fucked

The "no child left behind" program at its finest!

The OP is from Canada...

#10 is right to the best of my knowledge that program doesn't exist in Canada, nice try though

Do they have McDonalds.

McDonalds is worldwide.

The comment two above me is such an idiot -.-

52 - The comment two below the second comment above yours is pretty bad too.

I know one college professor that if you wrote such a poor essay along with a plethora of grammatical mistakes, she would return the paper with an application to McDonald's stapled to it. Just a possibility.

52: the comment is an idiot? Lol..

We don't call it "No Child Left Behind", but we have basically the same thing in Canada (at least until you get to high school). My brother failed 6 out of 8 of his grade 8 classes and he still graduated middle school. Now he's fucked because he's in high school and doesn't know a lot of the basics. It's stupid, you need to make sure kids understand the foundation before you start shoving new material down their throats. If that means they repeat a year, so be it.

Our future looks bright with these new minds soon taking the job market!

To be fair though, i don't think McDonalds employees or the typical blue or white-collar worker would need to know about which genus classification is our frozen food coming from. (:

This university has high standards.

My whole life has been a lie?!

No, only parts of it.

What if I had been raised by pig-sharks?

That they have lungs?

that depends... are you referring to the shark half or the pig half?

Community college??

"University students..."

Shouldn't students in universities have at least some common sense?

Yes, that's probably why this is on FML.

Obviously no... They should put captchas on applications to filter these people..

Thank god this wasnt in the United States

Wouldn't want to look any worse than you guys already do.

I'm surprised it wasn't american. but then again, if these kids came from the "bible belt of Canada", I wouldn't be surprised that they are incredibly stupid.

The Bible belt of Canada? Where exactly might that be? I've been here 30 years and never heard the expression.

threer 30

Stop hating on the U.S., all of you dipshits. We're not stupid as a whole. You're not exactly showing off your 'superior intellect' by being crass and stereotyping others..

Alright, everyone stop hating on America, we're not all stupid. I recently turned 14 so I took the MENSA test. At the age of just 14, I managed to earn a spot in "the high IQ society". I've gone to public school my entire life.

90- touching story, but what about the kids who got a low score? America, like every nation, has smart and dumb people. We just expose the dumb ones more.

#90, IQ has nothing to do with education. If public schools worked better you might know that.


Hmm, if all the students were confused on that, maybe the teacher has something to do with it... Jk OP, you got a class of dim wits this year.

Is it bad I didn't know sharks don't have lungs?

what did you think the little cuts on the side of its face was? its vagina?

Okay i was beginning to think that I was the only one that didn't know. You're not alone #12

17, the cuts are from the pigs' hooves as they outswim the sharks.

Damn no need to be all sassy haha

I thought I was the only one...

I'm a university student, and I didn't know either.

Honestly, how did you guys not know this?

These comments made me do you not put it all together? A shark is a fish. Fish have gills. Therefore, sharks have gills. That's second grade stuff.

Umm those cuts which are part of its gills aren't on the face.

Sharks technically don't even HAVE legitimate faces. It was just an expression...

I'm the same. I always assumed that water went through the gills and the oxygen from the water was filtered through to the lungs. I really didn't know that animals with gills didn't have lungs. I don't feel stupid for this, I love learning new things :)