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  JackFaire  |  27

Honestly still remembering my school experience I blame the students. All of my junior high and High school classes I heard over and over, "we will never need this when are going to need this" followed by a definite lack of learning. Now when I whip out knowledge that is general education 101 I look like a genius to morons with college degrees while I have only a high school diploma.

  ThePK  |  5

I know one college professor that if you wrote such a poor essay along with a plethora of grammatical mistakes, she would return the paper with an application to McDonald's stapled to it.

Just a possibility.


We don't call it "No Child Left Behind", but we have basically the same thing in Canada (at least until you get to high school). My brother failed 6 out of 8 of his grade 8 classes and he still graduated middle school. Now he's fucked because he's in high school and doesn't know a lot of the basics. It's stupid, you need to make sure kids understand the foundation before you start shoving new material down their throats. If that means they repeat a year, so be it.

  lennelleong  |  33

To be fair though, i don't think McDonalds employees or the typical blue or white-collar worker would need to know about which genus classification is our frozen food coming from. (:

  rememberkids  |  14

I'm surprised it wasn't american. but then again, if these kids came from the "bible belt of Canada", I wouldn't be surprised that they are incredibly stupid.

  threer  |  30

Stop hating on the U.S., all of you dipshits. We're not stupid as a whole. You're not exactly showing off your 'superior intellect' by being crass and stereotyping others..

  _DudeGuy_  |  16

Alright, everyone stop hating on America, we're not all stupid. I recently turned 14 so I took the MENSA test. At the age of just 14, I managed to earn a spot in "the high IQ society". I've gone to public school my entire life.

  ZeroPath5  |  16

These comments made me do you not put it all together? A shark is a fish. Fish have gills. Therefore, sharks have gills. That's second grade stuff.

  shan88  |  14

I'm the same.
I always assumed that water went through the gills and the oxygen from the water was filtered through to the lungs.
I really didn't know that animals with gills didn't have lungs.
I don't feel stupid for this, I love learning new things :)