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Today, I looked up the side effects of the antidepressants I've recently started taking. Inability to orgasm is one of them. I can either not be depressed, or I can have an orgasm. FML
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Orgasming is an antidepressant in itself :)


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Doesn't an ****** release chemicals that could work to reduce depression? I forgot the name of said chemical.

Well side effects Aren't always guaranteed.

I agree with #1. Who needs antidepressants when you can just ****** when you're feeling blue?

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87- because some have a big imbalance of said chemicals, or have malfunctioning chemical glands, thus making them feel depressed. It's not always as simple as cheering up, but can often be a medical, empirical issue, and not a subjective thought-problem.

So this medicine is anti-depressant as well as birth control/condom? Sounds pretty damn good considering (Exscuse my vulgarity that is going to ensue) you can have sex; which feels good, and just not be able to ******.

Female ****** does not equal pregnancy. The reverse is true as well.

@95: If you're replying to me: I was implying that if OP is male, that would mean no ejaculation. And if the OP was female it would mean she could not get pregnant.

um OP worded this so wrong, not be depressed is definitely the way to go.

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Please do the human race a favor and get a vasectomy. If you're honestly so ignorant as to believe a woman can't get pregnant unless she orgasms, you have no business having sex.

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And the gender of the OP on the FML implies, actually flat out says, that the OP is a female.

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87- Antidepressants do not numb your emotions... They release serotonin into your blood stream. This makes said person feel 'normal' if they have a chemical imbalance in their brain and a bit perkier if they are balances chemically but not emotionally.

42 endorphins are for blocking nerve endings to reduce the amount of pain being felt.

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Maybe there is a different medicine yu could switch to?

Yeah there are always a lot of generics out there you can switch to, usually in case someone's allergic to one kind. This way you won't be depressed and you'll be able to ****** ;)

I have the same problems, basically the whole class of drugs I need for anti depression and anti anxiety have a possibility of sexual side effects, Wellbutrin is one that has a rep for both not having sexual disfunction side effects. My husband took it as a teenager and he said it actually way increased his sex drive. I've been doing the drug shuffle myself to try to find something that works for me. Celexa murdered my libido hard and made it so I couldn't finish no matter how hard my husband and I tried. When I went off it I also realized it had stunted all my range of emotion. Effexor xr made the sex part a bit better but made me more than a little psycho and short tempered and supper depressed (also even weirder side effects). Paxil made my libido go back down again, and made me short tempered... So here's to hoping Zoloft will do it for me.

I'm on Effexor right now, and I have a hard time (no pun intended) even....ahhhh....getting hard, let alone not orgasming! I've tried Zoloft...same deal! I was on Wellbutrin and to put it made me so upset and super angry that I wanted to kill anyone who came with 12 feet of me and accidentally breathed hard! So I couldn't stay on that one too long. And although Effexor is keeping me and my depression at bay for the time being I guess I have to put up with the rest...but in general, Anti depressants suck big time in the "messing with your sexual function" department and there isn't much anyone can do, because your head doc is treating your mood and not the frequency of your orgasms!!

I tried only made me worse

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Also remember OP, medications work differently for different people. What may not work for our fellow FMLers may just as well work for you. Talk to your doctor about the right medications for you. Bring up some issues you've heard about certain ones and I'm sure they'll be able to work something out for you.

I use Marijuana, and it keeps me hard and smiling! Oh, and Mikey likes it, to boot! Who is old enough to remember that one?

Antidepressants have odd side effects all around... But they usually don't stay. Once your body gets used to it, most side effects SHOULD go away.

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Take the medication until you plan on having sex then don't. That way you won't be depressed and you can ******.

They build up in your stopping it the day you want to blow your load is not going to work! But at least you gave finding a solution your best try! Better luck next time!

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Orgasming is an antidepressant in itself :)

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Bitch please. Take the meds and eat a tub of ice cream. That's my ****** right there. ;)

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side effects don't always apply to everyone. maybe it won't affect you

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It IS affecting OP, in case you didn't read the whole FML

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No where did it state that OP wasn't orgasming.. She just said she looked up the side affects and that it was a possibility

21. OP never stated that it was affecting her. The FML said she looked them up and that was one of them. It seems to me that in the end when OP stated the choice between depression and ******,she may have been jumping to conclusions by assuming she would experience that particular side effect.

But would it really be an FML if she was just assuming? No, I think its safe to say that she has tested for that side effect and the tests have come back positive.

Testing for an ******...that's a new one. "Mrs. OP, we have your test results...and you're positive for no orgasms."

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It'd would have been ironic if you were depressed because you couldn't ****** as well the side effects added on to it.

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I'm pretty sure that was an fml before.