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Today, I was getting ready for a night out with the girls, and without any hint of trickery, just wanting an honest answer, I asked my boyfriend how I looked in the dress I chose. He immediately dropped to his knees, yelled, "NOOOOOOOOO!" and calmly left the room. FML
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  Ashamed_Sister  |  60

I agree with 2. With "NOOOOOO" OP's boyfriend was only pointing out that men do not like questions like “Do I look good” or “Do I look fat”. This guy definitely knows how to navigate through the emotional landscape of females. I would keep him.

  TallMist  |  32

Obi-Wan's "Nooooo!!!" in Phantom Menace, Qui-Gon's "Noooo!!!" in Attack of the Clones, Vader's "Noooooooo!!!" in Revenge of the Sith, Luke's "Noooooo!!!" and "Noooooo, nooooooo!!! Nooooo!!!!" in A New Hope and Empire Strikes back (respectfully), Luke's "NEVER!" and Vader's dubbed over "Noooooo!!!!" in Return of the Jedi.


They don't KNOW it's a trap, they THINK it's a trap, but really, as with everything, it depends on the individual woman, and it seems obvious that it wasn't a trap when the OP was asking it. In fact, I'm willing to bet that the women with whom it's a trap are a minority, it's just a stereotype that sexist male comedians like to force on us because they just love characterizing women as shallow, irrational, and insecure creatures. I'm pretty sure part of the FML is her boyfriend's misunderstanding of her. I would certainly be pissed if my boyfriend just assumed that I was insecure about things I wasn't insecure about based on gender stereotypes.


#85 Is that directed at me? I would only ask that sort of question of anyone with the implication of "is this outfit appropriate for the occasion? (in terms of level of formality, skimpiness, etc.)" and/or "are there any tags sticking out? Lint? Is it crooked?" That could very well be the intended implications of what the OP was asking. It's probably more often than not what women are thinking when they ask such questions. That's what it means when women ask each other such questions. The only reason it ends up being a trap is because it's a source of miscommunication which is precisely because men think it's a trap. If men would stop projecting their misconceptions about women in general onto individual women, there wouldn't be such potentially damaging miscommunication.

  whatshuman43  |  8

I think you're reading a little too far into this. The answer is we don't give a shit what your dress looks like, most women generally don't respond well to that since they're looking for a useful opinion or a compliment. So if you think it looks good then you're probably a better judge then we are, go out in confidence without anyone's opinion to validate your own choices, I mean you obviously dressed yourself well enough to get the guy to begin with