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Today, my girlfriend changed our cable subscription to include MTV. This made us lose the only channel I care about: HBO. Goodbye Game of Thrones, hello Teen Mom. FML
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brocho 26

MTV hasn't been worth watching since Beavis and Butt-Head ended (both times) if you ask me.


More like 30-Year-Old Grandma, assuming the children grow up just as whorish as their parents.

You messed it up. It's supposed to be 32 and grandma.

I despise that you twatwaffle. I was pregnant at 16 and had my 1st at 17 and I'm no where near a *****. or a ****. I know the father of my children and even married the loser. Finally divorced his loser ass and am happily married with 3 kids now. I'll be 29 this year and I can guarantee my children have no inkling to have any children now or anytime soon since they saw the struggle of having kids so young and seeing our cable be shut off as we decided what other bills we needed to pay first. In fact they'll probably grow up to be far better people than you and myself. So you good sir, don't let the door slap you in the ass on the way out. *deuces*

#80 Cut back on your daily dose of trashy, hood rat. lol

This comment was meant as a joke towards the shows on that channel. Not as a personal attack to you. You might want to get off the internet if you are offended by things that are very obviously not about you!

In case people don't realize, the comment removed was calling teen mothers ******.

Scootythedog 17

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Hey man! She cancelled his Game of Thrones subscription...I think that would be an understandable reaction lol "Down votes are coming..."

Steve97 32

Not really. Perfectly legitimate reason to dump her. That and she makes decisions without including the other partner.

Definitely a "dump her now" situation. It's game of thrones. To replace a subscription as awesome as HBO (giving access to game of thrones) with the crap of mtv for teen moms bs is grounds for dumping.

Or he could buy his own HBO add-on subscription. Maybe she likes MTV.

brocho 26

MTV hasn't been worth watching since Beavis and Butt-Head ended (both times) if you ask me.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

I only watch for catfish, the rest is shit.

Change the cable package back and and go all Game of Thrones on your girlfriend.

BlockOfRedStone 25

Even better sites can be found online to watch GoT, free with HD AND no ads.

since u live in USA why don't watch on hbo website

RedCronos 17

Plenty of the women on Game of thrones are technically teen moms. You should've explained that to her.

ALittleFreak 15

Nice. I hope you never happen to be a social counselor.

I don't care for either TV show, but FYL for the lack of communication and compromise in your relationships decision making system

Wouldn't it make more sense to include both channels on one subscription?