By alopez1994 - 21/04/2011 05:28

Today, I noticed this guy crying in the park. I went up to him to see what was wrong. Apparently his girlfriend broke up with him, and he also said he wanted to kill himself. My first response was, "Don't, you'll regret it later." FML
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o.o *insert facepalm here* Next time, if there is one, try saying the good old fashioned, "she didn't deserve you, there are better women out there." Maybe it will have more soothing effect.


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"Don't you'll be surrounded by nuns in heaven, or raped by Satan in hell."

op should have thought about what she was was gonna say b4 she said it

well if he does kill himself Satan will love his soul cause violence against self takes you to him I mean what

why did this comment get so many thumbs down? Yes people with the new app update you can now thumb people but for ***** sake don't abuse it! I'm imagining a bunch of monkeys now pressing thumbs down on this comment. bring it bitches!

Correction: " Don't, you'll regret it later in AFTERLIFE".

Well, if he tries suicide and fails, he'll regret it.

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u just approach random men who are crying?

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Can you find anything else stupid to say?

haha your a freakin genius! really gave that guy reason to live

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no. FHisL. he has to deal with someone like you to cheer him up.

tell him rotting in the ground is no fun

68-- O-M-G thanks for letting us know about the new update for the app! I love it!

um ya but if you kill your self you go strait to hell

Or you don't believe in that shit, and when you die, you're gone for good, and nothing happens to you. Ever thought of that?

haha well he could if he doesn't get the job done right.. and run the risk of being permanently maimed..

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Well, that sucks. you should have taken him to a therapist.

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At least you tried. You might have saved a life.

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OP, in that man's condition, I doubt he was thinking "Wow.. he/she's an idiot". all he probably listened to was "regret". So OP most likely saved this mans life :)

well at least you tried :) & I'm sure he didn't kill himself. he probably thought if some random person cares about him killing himself that his friends & family would too!

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i disagree... OP sounds like an amazing therapist

why would you take him to the rapist?

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RECOGNITION FOR COPYING SNL! is that what you wants :-D?

@ 38 - I disagree. One of the Don'ts of suicide prevention is to lecture on the value of life or imply that suicide is wrong. You need to evaluate the immediate danger, ask about a plan. The more specific the plan and easy to achieve, the greater the risk.

but he/ she doesnt know who he even is yet.

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haha, yea I hear alot of people regret it afterwards....

they all had a party and invited the local hobos got high on cocaine had an orgy and joined the circus. thats what happened

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not very bright hope he was okay tho.

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really? I think that is what the op was getting at

It was a pretty dumb thing to say, but clearly Op realizes that... hence the FML. Also.. 6.. just out of curiosity, why do you have a picture frame picture as your display?

151- It's not a picture frame, it's the edge of a window I was sitting at.

Obviously that bar is part of the picture, what I mean is a picture that comes in a frame. I just bought a picture frame a and that picture was in it.....

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o.o *insert facepalm here* Next time, if there is one, try saying the good old fashioned, "she didn't deserve you, there are better women out there." Maybe it will have more soothing effect.

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oops I thought it would show the pic notthe link.

@7 - You are incorrect, that is one of the worst things to say.

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o: You doubt my undeniable wisdom? I'm sad. If I didnt know any better I would think you're the man's ex? in which case you wouldn't want him to find someone better. it's the truth. I am not incorrect, that is just your opinion, which you're entitled to. I been in those shoes, and either way it's better than what OP said to him. Next time give some basis for your claim please. [=

I've had much training in suicide training both in educational and work environment. It is alright to tell a sad friend to cheer up over a girl but to say that to an individual who is thinking about suicide is wrong.

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146 you said training twice and it made you sound dumb so I didn't read the rest of your comment. But from what I read, it sounded like you were implying that there are organizations out there that teach you about the arts of suicide.

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Haha, thanks. I been there before, saying something like that, just makes shit worse.

when I say it actually helped the guy so I guess it just depends on the person.

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You're right.........maybe on the other one isn'it ? :p