By that guy - 06/02/2015 16:56 - United States - Atascadero

Today, my girlfriend told her parents that she's pregnant. We have never even come close to having sex, but she told them I'm the father. Not only is my girlfriend cheating on me, but her father now wants me dead. FML
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DNA test, and dump her.

Dump her. And don't help with the baby. She cannot make you stay and take care of it.


DNA test, and dump her.

I've heard of Virgin births before. Something about some guy named Jesus or Jesse or something..

#14, actually it's Jesús. Es muy especial.

*GASP* well I do declare, Mr. Beauregard!

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It's almost like gone girl, except her dad will be the killer...

Wouldn't that require surviving nine months? Or are they capable to do it at any given time? I honestly have no clue.

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One girl got pregnant from doing oral then getting stabbed in the stomach. She was a virgin and gave birth to a child. Look it up, I know I'll get thumbed down anyways.

Are you a wizard #74?

#74 lol not everything you read on the Internet is true.

Why would OP need DNA Testing? From the looks of this FML it sounds like he and his girlfriend had never had sex. Or none that he's aware of lmao

Re-read and try again, #101.

Nah, they called the kid Josh. What do you expect with a mother named Miriam?

Dump her. And don't help with the baby. She cannot make you stay and take care of it.

Ain't nobody got time fo dat

I got bronchitis!

I just wanted a cold pop....FUCK NO I got a baby!

Dude one

*Forrest.... come on man.

Som3Rand0mGam3r 9

opportunity missed

Well I hear that the East Coast is nice during times of fertilization

Tell her to get out of your life

Maury Povich is in your future....or Jerry Springer.

I pick Maury. You don't have to worry about losing your fake hair or ruining a nice shirt.

Leave, find someone better and let her deal with all the problems she has caused herself.

She sounds like an evil one.

Just leave. You have zero obligations and if the dad tries anything take him to court. But make sure to explain yourself at least once to her parents beforehand tho

Dump her ass. And tell her to leave you alone. BTW you have rights to a DNA test if she tries anything.