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Today, I am currently grounded for three weeks, have no car, cell phone, or television privileges, and am not allowed to spend more than 10 minutes on the computer a day. The reason why: I was seven minutes past my 9'oclock curfew. I'm 18. FML
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I know probably 90% of users here are under 15, but what the hell is wrong with kids these days!?The OP may be an adult, but as long as he lives at his parents place he follows their rules. If you think living with your parents is hard, try making it in the real world. You'll be running back to mommy and daddy faster than you can say fml.

  DizzyDemon0  |  9

#89..While I'm sure you meant to correct that other poster..let me just inform you that parents may kick you out at 17. :) Just thought you should know.

OP, if you need a place to stay..I live in Amherst, MA Got extra rooms. I'm in college. Problem? you need to pay rent. Oh and be a little friggin nutz.


Honestly, I don't know why you're complaining about not being treated like an adult. If you were responsible enough to handle being an adult, you should have made it on time. It doesn't matter how late you were, you were late. You either break a rule or you don't just like you're either pregnant or you're not. There's no in between.

  Dalarsco  |  0

So, 240, do you seriously believe that a 9 O'Clock curfew is reasonable for an 18 year old? Or that three weeks of full grounding and the taking away of his car and cell phone are reasonable for being seven minutes late?

  tomasito_fml  |  0

@353: No, it's not reasonable, but if that's what his parents (who sound ignorant and overprotective) want to make him do, then he has to do it.

If you work at 9 and you show up at 9:07, there are gonna be consequences for that, aren't there?


I partially agree with you, however, What if the kid is in sports? Or a job? I mean it's possible that this person was at a game or at a job and stopped on the way home etc. Traffic can cause 7 minutes of trouble as well. A nine oclick curfew is not reasonable for an 18 year old because many high school activities last longer than that. Sports, Prom. An 18 year old would be a senior in high school.
I seriously think there is probably more to this FML, such as he is already grounded for something or was only supposed to go to one location and back.

And for the record, I am 21 and I've been paying my own bills and college tuition 100% since I was 19.

  keeeever  |  0

@#70 that is most definitely incorrect.
i'm almost 100% positive that it's 18, seeing as how that's when they're legally an adult themselves.
i don't know who's instilling a false reality in you by telling you it's 21, but i'm pretty damn sure it's not.

  kewlcat  |  0

yeah im suprised the OP hasnt moved out :S :S
i would NOT want to live like that.
hell, i'm 14 and my curfew is 11 and to my friends thats early!

or maybe because they want him to move out and hes just not doing it on his own
so they're making it hell

  Arturo7531  |  3

lol I can´t believe it either! I´m 13 and my curfew is 12 if I´m at my neighborhood´s park hangin out, and if I´m in a party I can stay AS LONG AS I WANT. I love my parents :D... btw, I would be so desperate in your position that I would either move out fast, or kill myself! Nah I´m kidding. But you should really face your parents and tell them to let you live a life!

  jncwmnd  |  0

hm...or maybe ur parents just dont care about u to not give a damn
but to that sucks, if they're that strict about everything, then FYL indeed..hopefully u have a job so u can move out
(and to ppl saying that parents are responsible for their kids until their must depend on where u live, its only 18 in WI)

  humorizer  |  14

Your parents are far too naive. You'll be impregnating people in no time, and getting into drugs and smoking pretty soon.

I realize many of you are going to flame me, but the truth is the truth.

And no, I'm not some old geezer. I'm 20 and don't think it's appropriate for a person even of my age to be out after midnight, unless it's for a good reason (partying doesn't count, unless it's only a very occasional event).

  killabee  |  0

EwWw, are you the oldest or only child? Because I am the youngest and my mom slowly got more and more chill as her kids got older. So my oldest sister- in bed at 10 till she was 18, Me- If I can pay for it, I can do it.

  ConSeannery  |  0

HAHAHAHA. wait wait. You're 20 and you think it's not appropriate to be out after midnight? hahahahaha. What are you a mormon? That's just fuckin weird. 18 year olds should be allowed to stay out as long as they like. Honestly if you're 20 and not living it up, you are going to have regrets - take this advice from someone older than you. Stop being such a pansy.

  cathrn17  |  0

I disagree. If you are not staying out past midnight because you think it's the right thing to do won't cause regrets or bad consequences. It will keep you safer and definitely more rested.

  maralsky  |  0

Ugh...lay off homeschoolers. My mother homeschooled me K-12, and her advice to the OPs parents would be to let the poor guy make his own choices now that he's an adult. The same thing she wants to smack into the head of her twin sister, whose daughter is a public high school drop out, who sleeps around and keeps having more kids she can't afford to take care of. I'm a college graduate, and while I still live at home, I'm not causing my mother any grief beyond an occasional spat with my teenaged sister. There are some homeschoolers that do take the sheltering a bit far...but I've known those who send their kids to public and private schools that do they same thing. Maybe even more so, and possibly for good reason; after all, they may have less knowledge of who their kids are hanging out with.

  ditlihi  |  0

hahaha. so true. you don't need on the Internet then anyway.

From what you wrote, I really think you left something out. What are you NOT telling us?