By joddledoddle - 13/05/2015 19:18 - United Kingdom - Mitcham

Today, whilst visiting an unfamiliar office site for work, I was conversing with my boss about the possibility of considering myself for a managing position in the future. I then unintentionally followed him to the bathroom whilst walking and texting. FML
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OP here, Just to clear things up. We were visiting an office site and it was at lunch I discussed the possibility of a promotion. Then, when it was time to leave the office site, I had to follow him out a series of doors and corridors to get to the parking lot. He had asked me to text my collegue to let the home office know that we were coming back and as he turned left through a door, I unintentionally went to follow him. Fortunately I looked up and noticed the puzzled look on his face and the sign on the door above my hand before I actually entered the bathroom.

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he now knows you would go to great lengths to achieve your goals..

Keep following him until you get that promotion


Steffi3 40

Well, there is the possibility still. Just not very likely =p

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It happens sometimes. As long as you didn't walk in with him. You should be good.

My take on this that that's exactly what happened.

How do you expect to get a management position if you can't pay attention while you're walking?


Even managers have their off days :P

How do you 'unintentionally follow him to the bathroom'?! Even if you're walking and texting you should see that something's up.

It's an unfamiliar location for OP, they didn't know that their boss was headed to the washroom.

Is a text really that important? Couldn't you wait till you sat down first?

If you actually read the FML you might reconsider that.

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Maybe don't text at work. Or look up while walking. I'm surprised you didn't walk into the door

Why then would you be texting anywhere near your boss??

Some offices are not so strict and as long as you do your job well, u can be distracted by such stuff sometimes.

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I text at work. But if I was talking to THE boss about a possible promotion, I would not be texting...

My coworkers and I text all the time about work related stuff. Just a way to get urgent attention. Sometimes if people aren't paying attention to the chat system, I'll message them on Facebook. They normally see that right away. It's easier to use those communications to your advantage than it is to ban them.

He had asked me to text a coworker to let home office know that we were on our way back. >.

I understand being a "go-getter" and showing persistence is important in the job world, but I think your boss will believe you've taken it a little too far...a few feet into the bathroom too far.

he now knows you would go to great lengths to achieve your goals..