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  SmittyJA24  |  26

Yeah... sadly, we never realize when we're being "used" 'til it's too late.

I hope you got some damn good pussy from her over those 3 1/2 years, dude.

  lulzcow  |  0

really 2? you can't believe that? she has a vagina. that makes her a manipulative compulsive lying bitch. probably a whore too. I believe it very easily.


No, he's not entitled to anything. Where is the contract or point of sale for his work? He did the work because he thought he was in a relationship. Dude just got played.

EDIT: This is for #9.

  pitchblease  |  2

if he can prove with a preponderance of the evidence in civil court that she only dated him to get her house fixed, he would be due financial compensation. it's a tort, as in harm was done to him. he had to spend time and resources on the repairs, which for the time and resources used, he would need to collect damages.

  ejejeje  |  0

it's not a tort. lol. that's like suing your ex because you guys went out to dinner. or on trips. or bc they gave you advice. or bc they helped you put the dishes away. or..... bc they CHOSE to date you. they chose to fix the house. no one made them. it's called free will. there's no court case there.