By Tjop - 15/04/2011 11:50 - South Africa

Today, my girlfriend of 3 and half years broke up with me, just after I fixed-up her house that took me about 3 and a half years. FML
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OUCH. Can't believe she used you like that D:

Burn it down or just undo everything you did. It'd be hilarious to see her face when she got back home!


well at least she got her moneys worth lol

It was like a three and half year porno.

did u at least get something out of it? she had to pay u back somehow ;) if she didn't I wouldn't have fixed any house

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how about you get a sledge hammer and destroy what you built.

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get the bitch drunk , stick that thing in a closet , set the house on fire and drive away.

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tell her its not finished then take out all the support

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Will work for sex, and a home-cooked meal!

If my calculations are correct, your 3 and a half year work could be demolished in a matter of seconds. I'd head that way. :)

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hey Stacy I'm just hellah bored too wanna talk? fb?

it's sex in exchange for a house. you should just write **** on her forehead :)

OUCH. Can't believe she used you like that D:

agreed. karma's a bitch, though. it will get her :)

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The part I can't believe is that she kept it up for 3 1/2 years of renovations. Now that woman's got patience.

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Yeah... sadly, we never realize when we're being "used" 'til it's too late. I hope you got some damn good pussy from her over those 3 1/2 years, dude.

if you want her back, just sneak in the house and start sabotaging things.

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really 2? you can't believe that? she has a ******. that makes her a manipulative compulsive lying bitch. probably a ***** too. I believe it very easily.

Sounds like she is a gold digger.WARN OTHERS!

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so you payed her to leave pretty much.....

wow 3 and a half years to do up a house no wonder she dumped you.

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Burn it down or just undo everything you did. It'd be hilarious to see her face when she got back home!

that would be fun :3 until OP gets charged with arson, not so fun

Because OP paid for all the supplies used to fix the house, he can undo everything and take everything he put there with it.

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it docent say op paid for anything, just that he did the work. either way if it's her house she can press charges if he damages anything.

were you fixing her house, or building a new one? ydi for being lazy.

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No, he's not entitled to anything. Where is the contract or point of sale for his work? He did the work because he thought he was in a relationship. Dude just got played. EDIT: This is for #9.

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EDIT: Nevermind, nothing to see here.

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how is it lazy??? he's fixing her house

98 - I bet it takes you 2 weeks to take a poo

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Well if OP had a real job, we can understand. this could just have been something he did for her on weekends!

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Wow, she must have been really determined to get her house fixed.

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take her to court, you are due financial compensation.

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how? there's no contract. they were dating. he didn't have to fix it, he chose to. and maybe thats not the reason she dumped his ass.

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if he can prove with a preponderance of the evidence in civil court that she only dated him to get her house fixed, he would be due financial compensation. it's a tort, as in harm was done to him. he had to spend time and resources on the repairs, which for the time and resources used, he would need to collect damages.

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it's not a tort. lol. that's like suing your ex because you guys went out to dinner. or on trips. or bc they gave you advice. or bc they helped you put the dishes away. or..... bc they CHOSE to date you. they chose to fix the house. no one made them. it's called free will. there's no court case there.

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oh. you're lucky you've just made it.