By megmo7 - 04/10/2010 08:24 - United States

Today, my roommate who stays out til 4 or 5 in the morning each night got her key to the dorm fixed. I've been having to stay up nightly to let her in (my normal bedtime being 12:00) How'd they fix it? Turns out it was never broken she was just putting the key in the slot wrong. FML
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you know you don't HAVE t stay up fr her.. btw Grow a spine and just say no.

sourgirl101 28

Don't you hate it when they put it in the wrong slot?


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She's dumb! D; FYL

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I recently had a roommate who had the same problem, I didn't let him in thou. He had to climb in through his window while drunk lulz.. Like 3 weeks later he was talking about it and I told him he was a dumbass grabbed his keys and tried it, well his keys worked on everything except the deadbolt. Turns out copied keys aren't perfect.

It wasn't THAT long. But still.... cool story, bro.

rallets 22

^^^^ thats what SHE said

lol I wouldn't have stayed up for her

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wow she's so dumb

What a dumbass lol

what a blonde

Yea. I wouldn't have ever let the girl in in the first place.

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lol you shouldve made sure she checked it was alright but fyl that girl must be a blonde

sourgirl101 28

Don't you hate it when they put it in the wrong slot?

Schizomaniac 24

Ahhhhhh, I get it!

sourgirl101 28

Schitzo your 'ahhhhhh's are freaking me out!(:

haha, it sounds like she's been getting her slot filled with a flesh-flute instead.

you know you don't HAVE t stay up fr her.. btw Grow a spine and just say no.


exactly. if she wants to stay out that late she can stay out the whole night.

If she was a decent person she would have made sure she was back before OP went to bed. What a self-centered asshole. If I was OP I would have gone to bed and let her sit outside until morning.

Why couldn't you give her your key, when she was going out? Hmm.. but she might be the girl who doesn't pay too much attention and could lose it, so I can understand.

perdix 29

The roommate's key was fine. It's just that she was too stupid to be able to comprehend the finer points of how to operate the common dorm room lock. What the OP should have done is on the day following the first 4 am wakeup is to hold an extensive training session with the ignorant girl on lock operation.

Yeah I know, but if the OP had given her own key to her roommate, the girl would fail the first night to open the door, wake her up, then the OP would know that it had nothing to do with the girl's key, and she could teach (some people need that apparently) her how to operate the key. Tadaaaa, problem reduced to being woken up only once :) Okay, we are basically saying the same thing. But well, it's too late anyway. (Oh, and as you see, I'm still awake Perdix :D)

YDI for being a student, for living in the dorm instead of an apartment, and for rooming with a special ed student from the local high school.

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OP YDI for being her bitch and waiting up each night. let the wh0rebag sleep somewhere else

I'm going to have to agree with #10. I'd make her sleep in the hallway.

I agree totally, make the dumb b*tch sleep outside a few times, that'll learn 'er ....

YDI for staying up 5 extra hours. grow some balls and set some boundaries!