By Lauren - 09/08/2011 13:48 - Australia

Today, my husband declined a $100k/year job due to him thinking that a full time job at one work place would be too 'depressing'. I'm a nurse and have to wipe other people's arses for a living, then come home to this lazy dick. FML
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Dump his ass. A hard working woman like you deserves much more.


I think there's something to treat that..

A swift kick to the balls.

A roundhouse kick to the face.


^ damn it i was about to say that.

It's probably his house. Why should women be allowed to own houses anyway?

Ahahha word 44

Breaking up with him...

Divorce? (:

A good talking to?

It's called a divorce.

Interesting how ur comment gets -2 and the comment right below u with the same content has 58likes... Ur boobs ain't gonna help with a face like that

If she took his shit she'd get.........nothing, his ass is poor AF

Dont blame should have chosen a diff career obviously..atleast he gets offers

i dont see whats the problem. if he gets job offers like that, and can afford to turn them down, then maybe, just maybe, he worked his ass off in college? i would be greatful, ydi

Why would you do something you don't like doing? Sure 100K is good but if you don't like doing the work then why do it at all?

no just lots of head

in this economy? are you fucking crazy?!

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And you married him because ...

He had a big dong.

YDI for marrying him and choosing your job field you knew what you were getting into so don't complain

Dump his ass. A hard working woman like you deserves much more.

You don't really just "dump" your husband...

or you can wipe his ass too?

Well I guess if you killed him you would dump him... In the lake

Then stop paying for things for him and remind him just how broke he's going to be without a job.

it probably would be depressing.

Werd especially if you got a office job thats buggin

I think I'd rather be depressed at work earning 100k a year, than be depressed because I'm unemployed, and can't even find a job that will cover the bills....

dude with 100k a year I'm sure he could find things to amuse himself.

It doesn't say he's not employed at all. Maybe OP is just being greedy. The husband can choose where he wants to work.

If you're making 100k you should be GLAD to work there.

#164, true, it doesn't say anything about his employment status. However, the "come home to this lazy dick" would imply that he is not gainfully employed

Nursing is one of the most selfless, hardworking professions. Your husband sounds like an asshole. Leave him and use your money to pamper yourself.

And this is one huge reason why this world is turning into absolute shit. Selfishness and the love for money... I appreciate you OP however for being in the medical profession, it's rough as hell in there. Good luck with your husband.

I am a nurse and it's the hardest thing I've ever done but I wouldn't change it for anything. I absolutely love being a nurse!

At least you get paid in nursing. In the military, the only guarantee is that you get a free funeral, housing and you leave some money to your dependents.

I agree with you (:

that is completely false, you're also guaranteed 2 paychecks a month at a fixed rate based on your rank and extra pay if you're married and don't live on base housing

oh ya working at mcdonalds is much less depressing

Wow, I think I can see a divorce in the near future