By Anonymous - 14/06/2013 21:21 - Australia - Brisbane

Today, my girlfriend got into bed with me and started fooling around. I had a terrible migraine, which she knew, so I asked her to stop because it wasn't helping. She then yelled at me for being "ungrateful" and "selfish", and accused me of secretly being gay. FML
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Just because you had a migraine she accused you of all of those terms? Good gravy.

GemmaStyles 14

If anything, she's the selfish one.


Just because you had a migraine she accused you of all of those terms? Good gravy.

You don't ever say no to a women. It only ends horribly.

therealafroninga 10

No means no. Except for in my basement.

She was just trying to help take your "mind" off of it

Putting random "words" in quotations doesn't make "it" a play "on" words.

Mind = head, where migraines often occur. When they aren't happening in your kneecap.

Still doesn't make it a play on words...

I thought sex was good for migranes. Did I read a false fact about sex? I know it is true for headaches. Is it the same thing?

Migraines are way, way worse. A bad one can make it painful to even move. Plus nausea, etc.

Migraines are like headaches x100. When I have them, they make me faint, nauseous and I can barely move because of the pain, so if anybody wanted to have sex when I'm in that much pain, I'd probably kill them! D:

I think we all got where he got that joke, but it's still a "crappy" pun.

#39 - It would have been funnier if you would have said "she was trying to make your "Head" feel better".

Judging by my previous comment I can now be sure this site is predominantly female.

GemmaStyles 14

If anything, she's the selfish one.

friedpwnadge 25

So a headache when she doesn't want sex is a valid excuse, but when it's him he's automatically gay? Wake up sheeple.

Actually, sex can relieve headaches. Well, orgasms can. Women won't have that excuse for much longer when men start figuring this out lol

I like how if a guy doesn't want to have sex, he's gay but when a woman doesn't, it's ok. Pretty dumb people on this planet....

40, obviously it's not ok but what I mentioned above referred to the popular views of the world not the correct view. Not sure what the latter part of your comment has to do with mine, but ok, keep stating the irrelevant.

25 - a migraine and a headache are two entirely different things

25- If it's just an ****** that cures headaches, most women will still have that excuse.

84, true, since most women blame men when they don't ****** instead of taking charge. I'm a woman, btw. So don't think I'm some sexist asshole. I just speak the truth.

The key word there is orgasms relieve headaches not sex.

squideth 18

97, being a woman doesn't suddenly eliminate your ability to be sexist.

111, I was just saying I'm not. Sorry for being realistic. Point was that many women think its a man's job to give them an ******, and complain if they don't. Btw, 107, someone on here said sex in general can relieve headaches. I just said part of it. Go argue with them now.

And I love how people downvoted my comment towards 47. I know the difference. I've had enough migraines to understand how painful and serious they are.

I love how you think because you've had migraines in the past it means you're exempt from down votes on the subject. Your self entitlement is showing.

Did I say I was exempt from downvotes? I checked my comments and I didn't see anything like that. I'm just saying I don't need to be told the difference because I already know. I shall reply to comments directed towards me however I please, and if downvoting me makes you feel better, then have at it :)

mpj13 8

Tell her to go **** herself. Literally. I don't get it when it's ok for a girl not want to have sex but when a guy does he's gay.

The shoes on the other foot now! I wonder if she'll think twice before using the headache excuse again!

She should respect your wishes, however; fooling around can actually get rid of your headache. The endorphins that your body creates during the act, can act as a sort of natural pain med. She is kinda dumb for accusing you of being gay because you didn't want to fool around though.

StarThrower 17

From what I understand, there's a pretty substantial difference between a headache and an actual migraine. Migraines are an excruciating medical condition, and during an attack everything hurts and very few things help. You're totally right about headaches though.

mkid232 15

It must just only be sex then, since I sometimes GAIN headaches after some...personal rosie palms time.

Just throwing in support on how migraines and headaches are NOT the same thing. Sex can help headaches, for sure. Migraines? Not much can help.

My bad on the headache vs migraine part, I misread (aka wasn't paying attention to details as much as I should have before I commented) you are all right. Migraine's suck royally. I think I read the FML and it reminded me of the excuse that women are known for when refusing a little play.

perdix 29

Couldn't you be a good sport and just finger her a bit? A little diddling can go a long way, and don't forget The Shocker;)

Just cause you have a headache doesnt mean your fingers do lol the shocker sir is never ok! :P

nosybear13 7

I don't think you understand how a migraine works or you wouldn't be saying that. Migraines depending on the severity can render you completely useless and can send people to the hospital if they're bad enough. I for one can't even move a centimeter without nauseating pain

32 - I don't think you understand how a sarcasm works

Perhaps op forgot to trim his fingernails. Paybacks a bitch!

perdix 29

All I tried to do is provide a little contrast to the obvious "she's a bitch" comments. Pardon me for living!

Wow,,, your picture is a cat. (please note, the picture was a cat when I posted this)

Not only my picture, my nickname as well :D don't worry it will always be a cat :D

And this is definitely a family reunion, maybe we should call the father of the pussy to join us here ;)

So does that mean next time she has a 'headache' she is a selfish bitch and a lesbian?

Comparing "headaches" and migraines is like comparing apples and watermelons

Everyone is saying "when she uses the headache excuse" as if they know for a fact that she uses it all the time of something.. I've never used that excuse in my life and not that I'm agreeing with her (because she was obviously being a bitch) but most mature women understand it's ok to just say "I'm not in the mood". Just putting that out there because all of these "when she uses the headache excuse" comments are pretty annoying and stereotypical.

CharresBarkrey 15

You've obviously never had a migraine then.

challan 19

While she is extremely inconsiderate, and you deserve better, remember that sexual release helps with headaches.

honey clearly you have never had a migraine and if you claim to have then you haven't. a headache and a migraine are two massively different things. I just had a migraine Monday and Tuesday of this week and I was completely rendered useless. the pain and nausea almost sent me to the hospital this time. so no sex nor cumming help a migraine. headache perhaps, migraine not a chance.