By Anonymous - 11/03/2016 22:09 - United Kingdom - Hatfield

Today, I lost what should've been the easiest bet ever. Now I have to let my girlfriend go at me with a strap-on or forever be known as a sore loser. FML
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Maybe it was that this FML would not get published.

JMichael 25

I too am wondering what kind of bet would lead to this strange outcome.

If the bet was that the FML wouldn't be published, how would he know that he lost the bet when writing the FML.

ShutUp007 22

Because if it didn't get published he would've won the bet

I guess either way, you're gonna be sore.

Hey, he might even like it and make it a regular occurrence ...

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omg this comment though...LOL

#27 - HA! OP - Better take it like a man and be a sore winner!

hello? crime watch? I just witnessed a murder.

Pretty soon something else will be sore as well..

Scorpio1691 29

i was just thinking the same thing

Well regaurdless you're going to have a sore something

lol...seriously...u shouldnt have made dat bet but since u made dat bet it mustve crossed your mind to put your ass literally on the line...

Your going to be sore from the ass *******. Probably would have been better to be a sore loser. Those are just my thoughts tho.

It's likely that he kept asking her to take it up the ass, and she wanted him to see what it was like. :p

sooooooo how come only she has the right so say no? O.o

Because it was a bet. That's how bet a work.

Xandrick 22

Let's reverse genders, just for social experiment's purpose. She lost the bet, and now she has to take it up the ass. But she doesn't feel comfortable with that. Does he still proceed to penetrate her there, or does he respect that she really doesn't want this?

He should have the right to refuse- but he totally deserves being known as a sore loser or something like that. Simply because don't bet something you aren't willing to do!

You lost a bet and now you suffer the consequences. That simple. No need to be so anal about it.

The thing is, he doesn't HAVE to do anything sexual if he's uncomfortable with it. Bet or not.

97 - if he was that uncomfortable with it, he should not have accepted it as terms of a bet in the first place, no matter how much he thought he would win.

You seems to be very clueless when it comes to jokes and sarcasm on this site. And yeah, he did accept the bet. If he was THAT uncomfortable, he wouldn't have. You can do stuff you don't like but it still be voluntary. It's called pleasing your partner and there is nothing wrong with it as long as it's consensual. Consent and preference are two different things.

I agree that he shouldn't have made such a foolish bet, but... he shouldn't have to perform a sexual act he hates just because he lost a bet. It would be the same if it was her that lost the bet.

Well the two options laid out are taking it up the ass or being known as a sore loser. He's not exactly being held at gunpoint.