By sexybelly - 26/03/2015 08:35 - Australia - Parramatta

Today, I was asked when my baby is due. My baby was due 6 months ago. FML
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Lady, you pushed a tiny human out of your ******. Don't let anyone make you feel bad, you're amazing!

Never ask a woman when she is due until you see the baby's head coming out of the birth canal.


This is why I try not to ask strangers things like this. I've heard of people who haven't ever been pregnant being asked this. :/

I'm so sorry OP. This exact thing happened to me except I was actually holding my newborn in my arms when she asked how far along I was! I gave her a dumbfounded look and showed her my daughter and walked away! Also, it takes time! Just focus on that beautiful baby of yours and shake it off!

Well that wasn't nice. Don't worry OP, you'll get your "sexy belly" back

pfft. not if it's been 6 months. A woman only needs about 3 months to recover. Since its been 3 more months and she still looks like she's preggo only proves she's not taking care of herself.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

I heard pregnancy weight gain is hard to lose though.. but ya maybe work out more op

whoever told you 3 months was full of crap. it takes 3 months for a womans ****** to go back to normal to be able to have sex again, but thats it. in the first 3 months you lose all of the weight caused by all the gunk in your body from the pregnancy. after that you have to work damn hard to lose all the weight you gained. you also have to adjust to your totally different metabolism. I used to be able to eat anything I wanted anytime ever, and never weighed more than 120 lbs (im 5'8"). then I had my baby, who was born a year ago, and I still fluctuate between 140 and 150.

@39 SO not true. I had a c section and my muscle was torn. 2 years later, I could definitely pass as being a few months pregnant. I'm working on it but it takes time.

#39 has NO idea what he is talking about. .....

I lost my baby weight and tummy after a csection plus 5lbs during my 5 night stay at the hospital. My sister hasn't lost hers years later. Everyone's body is different.

yes I do. these women are just making excuses (like always). my wife lost her weight in a little less than 5 months. I wasn't saying she should've been back to normal, but she shouldn't look like she's pregnant at 6 months.

CaroAurelia 12

Oh, yes, because your wife is representative of all women ever.

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Right, because there is only a 3 month window for a woman to get her body back. After that she has no hope.

Because what the person said was straight up rude, #48.

#58 So because a person is fat you have to point it out? They probably know. PS. OP isn't necessarilly "fat". Depends what you consider fat.

That's always dangerous game. I'd say I know how you feel but I'd be lying. FY situation.

I'm surprised people are still risking it, I'm 6 months pregnant and only have a little bump, I see people looking at it and wondering but never dare to ask.

Lady, you pushed a tiny human out of your ******. Don't let anyone make you feel bad, you're amazing!

Bahaha, This statement nearly sent a young man to the undertaker from pure laughter!

People have been having kids for quite a long time, without modern medicine, it's not really *that* amazing. But still having baby weight is definitely normal. I think most women take a year or more, a lot never go back to pre-baby weight.

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I disagree.... no matter how often it happens or for how long, the making and birth of the tiny humans is amazing and beautiful, and It makes me sad for you that you don't see that. it's a beautiful, wonderful. amazing gift to be a mother, and to create life within your body. I'm going to guess you're a male... it would definitely explain that mindset.

If TMZ has taught me anything it's that cooters are very often on display and that people who have babies should be able to shed that weight in two weeks so they can get back to churning out mostly shitty movies.

#35, I agreed with you until I saw what you said at the end of your comment.

Just curious, what is up with people not ending their posts? Like how this comment ended with just "you're"." It really makes me

35- ORRRR, you're just jaded. Miracles have no explanation for their existence. Making and birthing a baby is simple biology. Juss sayin.

If you're using the app #45, it's probably that. I get the same effect on the iPhone app but when I look at the actual site, the comments finish properly.

Why don't you push a little human out of your ****** and then see if it's no big deal.

You can lose weight, they'll always have an ugly personality.

I don't see how that person has an ugly personality. Miss judgment, yes.

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Take all the time you need, to get the weight off! Congratulations!

Never ask a woman when she is due until you see the baby's head coming out of the birth canal.

If you ask then it's expect a punch in the face for the stupid question.

When am I due? *looks down* from the looks of it...about now!

Dang they haven't induced labor yet????? How long are you gonna let that thing freeload?