By Katrina - 13/02/2011 22:32 - United States

Today, I was busily having fun with my girlfriend, when suddenly the bedroom door opened and a man walked in, picked me up, and threw me outside the apartment. I was naked and didn't even know she was into men, much less had a husband. FML
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Hey look I got first comment. Now I wish I'd put something more constructive...

He should have just joined in! Win-win-win.

the way she writes it she makes it sound so calm. like he quietly picked her up put her outside and went back inside.

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Pictures or it didn't happen.

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If you 'just say no' can I have yours?

Ew? What's wrong with you? Lesbian sex is hot!

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His pic is of spongebob. obviously not to old

ah #25 are you the same one on twitter with that pic as your profile pic? :D

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Everyone has their own opinion on this n that's all good n gravy but me.....I prefer men cause a female could not satisfy me like a man could. Oh n if anyone is thinkin of tellin me thats y there r ****** no the real thing is waaayyyy better.

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63 Nice lol I'm using that now

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i would've said "a cat that didn't get her fill"? either that, or cat-blocked.

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Actually the correct literary term would be "finger-blocked." The term "******-blocked" would mean she would be blocked from inserting her ****** into a ******. Other terms that could work for this situation are "fist-blocked" and "*****-blocked".

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#189 y u gotta b a party pooper!?? geeezzz the comment was funny the way she put it. Its not funny when u try to get all "literary term" on it.

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so awesome you needed to say it twice!

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Original Poster. In forums, the guy who created a thread. On FML, the poster of the FML being commented upon.

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schwiggidy 0

vajected, strap-snatched, finger-blocked.

I believe the correct term is "snatchlatched."

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I believe I would have gone with a threesome.... yes I do believe so

three way all the way. he must of been a 30sec man Lmfao

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it's not Ew. he's right, it's very hot.

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lol that's why women get paid lots to be filmed doing it! it's natural. not gross. *turn me on some pay per view son!!!!!*

I'm a girl, I'm straight, yet lesbian **** turns me on :3