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you were vagina blocked

I believe the correct term is "snatchlatched."


Hey look I got first comment. Now I wish I'd put something more constructive...

He should have just joined in! Win-win-win.

the way she writes it she makes it sound so calm. like he quietly picked her up put her outside and went back inside.

Pictures or it didn't happen.

Don't worry, I sell those cheap :)

If you 'just say no' can I have yours?


Ew? What's wrong with you? Lesbian sex is hot!

second that sir!!

says the girl.

His pic is of spongebob. obviously not to old

and my pic is not spongebob??

depends if op is hot

ah #25 are you the same one on twitter with that pic as your profile pic? :D

Everyone has their own opinion on this n that's all good n gravy but me.....I prefer men cause a female could not satisfy me like a man could. Oh n if anyone is thinkin of tellin me thats y there r no the real thing is waaayyyy better.

you were vagina blocked

not this time...

hahahaha indeed

I like to call it a beaver dam.

63 Nice lol I'm using that now

i would've said "a cat that didn't get her fill"? either that, or cat-blocked.

twat swatted

My preferred term is "vajected."

vagina blocked hahahaha

Actually the correct literary term would be "finger-blocked." The term "vagina-blocked" would mean she would be blocked from inserting her vagina into a vagina. Other terms that could work for this situation are "fist-blocked" and "dildo-blocked".

or maybe strap-snatched?

#189 y u gotta b a party pooper!?? geeezzz the comment was funny the way she put it. Its not funny when u try to get all "literary term" on it.

why do I find this hilarious?? ;D fyl op

haha you are awesome

so awesome you needed to say it twice!

so what does "op" mean?

orgasmic penis!

Overweight pears

Original Poster. In forums, the guy who created a thread. On FML, the poster of the FML being commented upon.

haha you are awesome

haha you are awesome

vajected, strap-snatched, finger-blocked.

why do I find this hilarious?? ;D fyl op

I believe the correct term is "snatchlatched."

ROFL sorry but that is hilarious.

I would have joined in just saying

I believe I would have gone with a threesome.... yes I do believe so

three way all the way. he must of been a 30sec man Lmfao

girl on girl is hawt ;3

it's not Ew. he's right, it's very hot.

lol that's why women get paid lots to be filmed doing it! it's natural. not gross. *turn me on some pay per view son!!!!!*

I'm a girl, I'm straight, yet lesbian porn turns me on :3

not if they are ugly