By Katrina - / Sunday 13 February 2011 22:32 / United States
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  Kelita  |  0

Everyone has their own opinion on this n that's all good n gravy but me.....I prefer men cause a female could not satisfy me like a man could. Oh n if anyone is thinkin of tellin me thats y there r dildos....um no the real thing is waaayyyy better.

  TheTweaker  |  0

Actually the correct literary term would be "finger-blocked." The term "vagina-blocked" would mean she would be blocked from inserting her vagina into a vagina. Other terms that could work for this situation are "fist-blocked" and "dildo-blocked".

  Kelita  |  0

#189 y u gotta b a party pooper!?? geeezzz the comment was funny the way she put it. Its not funny when u try to get all "literary term" on it.

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