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Today, I was reprimanded at work for having a low friendliness rating as a cashier. For two months, out of 1500 transactions, only 3 people filled out the survey. I almost got fired because 1 out of 3 people was mad about a coupon. FML
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Hiya, OP here! I'm honestly surprised this was posted, but hopefully I can make a few things clear! I work at a Super Target, and honestly, the thing most irritating to me is that they didn't immediately notice how low my amount of transactions are. a normal week of cashiering at the front lanes is about 900-1300 transactions. Having 1500 for two months is abnormally low, especially for a full time cashier like me. It should've been taken into account that I'm not often at the lanes when they told me my score, but it is what it is. For those telling me to have friends fill out a survey, I like how you think but unfortunately the surveys are printed on receipts and it is sporadic. I never know which receipt will get one until it prints, and I always inform guests when they get one and ask that if they have time to go ahead and tell us how we're doing. Lastly, my manager was super understanding. She knew I was hardly ever doing cashiering on a normal lane, and she was telling me about my personal score because we had an important guy from Corporate coming in and we had to know, my score just caught the other team leads off guard and they were initially upset at how low it was, until they learned why. I believe my score is actually the lowest of all cashiers here. So in short, it was all a misunderstanding because of the amount of times I actually cashier on the checkout lanes. Thank you for all the awesome and hilarious comments! Hopefully my novella helped clear some things up! 8)

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I've worked retail. It's terrible. FYL for working retail.

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I've worked retail. It's terrible. FYL for working retail.

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I love working retail. Best part time job I've had in college. Commission and discounts are the best. I've never gotten too many rude customers though.

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The only problem with that is that most places put codes on the bottom of the receipt.

Sorry about that op. at least you know to give people coupons now!

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You could ask your friends to come over and fill in your surveys with positive information, something that the other 1497 people would have written. The whole situation would change and you could even be given a raise.

If you really care about your job, start telling customers about the survey. Definitely the ones you can tell had a great visit. If not throw your middle fingers in the air. Wave them like you just don't care.

At where I used to work, we do tell customers about the survey. We even have a monthly raffle for a gift card as incentive. People still don't take the survey because they can't be arsed to. And to be fair, neither can I. Your employment should not hang in the balance of trusting your customer to take a survey long after they have left the establishment.

The problem is, people don't care much about surveys in general. They're WAY more likely to fill in something like that if they've had a bad time and want to complain. It's flawed as a system.

Not true. I used to get about 60 surveys in a month and rarely got any bad reviews (8-10). If you are the last face they see and your smiling and wish them to have a great day, they are likely forget about the service that was provided

Oh, but is is true. I have asked so many fricking people to fill out those damned surverys. It is like asking your husband to do the dishes, as one customer put it whom I had asked, it usually doesn't get done. I have worked eight months at this one particular location, and only got one survey in.

Ask a friend (or a few) to fill out a survey that's positive about you.

people act childish when they don't get their that you almost lost your job though.

That's the problem with surveys. The people who do them are either very happy with your service or very angry with you. The vast majority of people just don't care enough to do them, so you get skewed results. This happened so often in all retail settings and they still don't realize it's not representative of how most customers actually feel about the store or company. Oh well.

that's so stupid! I use to work in retail and my boss was always on my ass for similar stuff. FYL! hope something better comes along soon!

Retail and fast food jobs are just terrible. Half of the complaints that are made are from people who go out of there way to be rude. Sucks you got a complaint. But at least you weren't fired.