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Today, my girlfriend decided it would be hilarious if she pulled a prank on me, so she did the classic "bucket of water on a door" one. I ended up getting stitches and a concussion on my birthday. FML
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Obviously her engineering skills are sub-par.


The wounds heals. The laughter lasts forever.

HowAreYouToday 34

Aw. A concussion?! You really shouldn't have.

ArielTheMermaid 17

"Megan? Why was your bucket on top of our door?" "Why was your door under my bucket?"

I hope yiu got some birthday sex op

92- No, his girlfriend. You're not funny.

Depending in how bad the concussion was, he may not have 69.

MrKrustyKrab 0

At least she gave you something for your birthday.

I wouldn't consider a concussion something that I would want from my girlfriend.


46, you might be a redneck if you consider "safe sex" to be a padded headboard.

It's funny, because 46 was talking about sex. You know, just in case you didn't know.


Really now 58? We all thought she was talking about getting concussions from car wrecks.

Haha I was kidding shamus. I'm sorry you and many others had to read the unintelligible comment that I typed. My apologies.

wild_n_out 8

65, no offense but are you retarded?

^that was an immensely deep comment. I nearly cried.

More like "got ya" then they went to the hospital

Obviously her engineering skills are sub-par.

perdix 29

Or superlative, depending on her motivation. Dunh-dunh-dunh!

Tied the bucket to a rope. Pranks 101

StreetMaster 0

Yea bro!...she might have been trying to kill you!...motivation!

Wow that's an interesting way to kill somebody. Drop a bucket on somebodies head. Nice use of your creativity, "bro".

StreetMaster 0

Make it look like an accident....sure

blueandpurpleroc 4

Not as easy as it looks to pull off, huh?

Maybe she shouldn't have put blocks of ice in it.

It's a joke. You know, to explain the concussion? An implied joke.

Link5794 18

It's less dense in its solid state, because it expands when it freezes. If the water was frozen, it wouldn't be lighter, it would take up more space.

What kind of keeper? A book keeper? A trapper keeper? A bee keeper? My brother's keeper?

hockeyoceancity 13

Maybe a soccer goal keeper?

A keeper of keys and grounds at Hogwarts? :O

Owl. I'm putting it putting it out there right now kids. Hogwarts isn't real. You're parents lied to you because they love you. Remember that.

Saintsrocksocks oh no, you didn't just imply that Doby doesn't exist, did you? The Dark Lord may spare your life if you admit to be under the influence of the Imperio curse whil writting your comment, he may spare your life but not your soul. You will be roped into a life of slavery to You Know Who unless you seek the help of Dumbledore and join the forces of the Order of the Phoenix to fight the evils of the wizarding world. I have joined Dumbledore and his followers and now Voldemort will be defeated! Mouhahahahahahahaha! *rocks back and forward in a straight jacket and padded cell*

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I forgot to put that it was before the Half Blood Prince, sorry