By michelle91 - 02/12/2009 11:36 - Malaysia

Today, while stepping out of the shower, I slipped and cut my head. I went to the hospital, got 8 stitches and was tested for head trauma. After hours of ignoring my calls and texts, my girlfriend finally responded, very angrily. Why? Today is her birthday, and I "selfishly made it about me." FML
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hey! today is MY birthday! why does your girlfriend always have to make it about her?!?


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You: Oh darn, it seems I have 15 missed calls from my girlfriend. *try calling girlfriend who won't answer* *she finally picks up after the 10th try.* Girlfriend: *without giving you a chance to say "sup"* "OH MY GOD WHY DIDN'T YOU PICK UP?!" You: I'm in the Hospital. Girlfriend: WHY?! You: I needed stitches. Girlfriend: OH SURE, BUT YOU CONVENIENTLY FORGET MY BIRTHDAY! YOU'RE SUCH A SELFISH PRICK! ALL YOU EVER DO IS MAKE IT ABOUT YOU! You:...lolwut?

Dump her. If shes not worried about your potential head trauma, she couldn't care less about you.

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It could be pronounced "Micheal" which is a guy's name. I know, it's pretty farfetched, but I've seen weirder name spellings.

It's spelled Michael(it's my name :O) And Michelle could be his girlfriend. That's what I assumed when I first read his name.

Dude, you're a ****. So is the OP's girlfriend. (omg puns on the Internet WHAT DO WE DO)

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8 stitches and head trauma learn to read dip shit

That right there shows that your bitch girlfriend is making it all about her. She needs a little compassion.

OP did make her birthday about him, but it was unintentional and he didn't mean it at all. It wouldn't hurt for the girlfriend to help him out a bit, surely?

hey! today is MY birthday! why does your girlfriend always have to make it about her?!?

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Hehe .. I see what you did there.. Happy birthday!

nope, it really was my birthday yesterday. i read the FMLs EVERY day!

OP, FYL. Your girlfriend sounds like a real bitch. On the lighter side of live in a place that reminds me of Tingle from The Legend of Zelda, Wind Waker...Nerdtacular. lol.

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FYL indeed. But I don't think you should dump her for that just yet; us girls tend to be very sensitive when it comes to these things. Not that it makes it any better for you, I know.

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You say that as if it's now justified. "Yeah, real sorry about gutting your dog, but I thought you flaked on our dinner reservations. I didn't realize you were at Goodyear having your blown transmission fixed, but you know how us girls get."

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Yeah, some of us don't really care about birthdays.

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@44: I have a feeling you can't just make something like that up. :/

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Rudy was such a good dog to...never complained when I asked him to fetch me the remote or make me a sammich...his Pastrami hoagies were terribly, but always on time...*sigh*

Girls don't get emotional about these things, dipshits do. People forget all kinds of things about me that would make that girl blow a gasket.

Exactly, please don't say "us girls" as if I'm included in that statement. I appreciate if my friends or family do something for me, but I certainly don't expect it. Birthdays don't hold much special appeal for me anymore, I'd prefer to have a party with friends that wasn't supposed to be centered on me. This year my boyfriend took me out to a nice sushi dinner with some hot sake, and I promptly rewarded both him and myself afterward with some hot sex. And all was right with the world.

I wouldnt give a damn about my b-day if I thought my boyfriend had head trauma! She's really selfish.

Ahahahahaah are you serious? Honey, I'm a woman and I've never thought less of another woman for her "omg pay attention to meeeee"-isms than I do of the OP's chick, and now you, also. Idiot. "Us girls"? Don't attempt to speak for the female gender if those are your views. Unless you're trolling the Internet. In which case, well played, sir.

OP, do yourself a favor and dump her. She obviously lacks basic compassion and understanding of real life priorities. You can do better than her.

How do you know he could do better than her? Though I think it's safe to say the the OP's GF is a bitch, we don't know anything about the OP. He could be a child molester, a murderer, or just not a good person, in which case, maybe he can't do better than what he already has...

Because being single is better than dating self-centered people like that. So yes, he can do better.

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Yes hottpink...because we can safely assume that the OP is a child molesting rapist from a 3 line excerpt about his girlfriend yelling at him for "forgetting her birthday".

My point is that you don't know what kind of person the OP is, therefore you don't know if they could do better.

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By the sounds of it...I'm guessing he can. No one likes to be around overbearing drama queens. Overbearing drama queens don't even like to be around overbearing drama queens. At least we can safely assume that the OP's GF is indeed an overbearing drama queen, thus, he can do better.

Hotpink, Reyo already said it. Being single is much better than dating a self-centered drama queen. So, yes he can do better.

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Dump the bitches sorry ass. It's not going to get any better.